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Uefa punish six clubs


Uefa have temporarily withheld prize money from six clubs who took part in last season's competitions while they further investigate their financial affairs.   This can be seen as a warning shot across the bows and it has not been taken against a major club in one of the 'big five' leagues.

Uefa also considers that its financial fair play regulations are having a positive impact with a marked reduction in money owed and also a reduction in clubs' losses after six years in which they have increased.   However, Uefa is yet to face up to the difficult task of taking action against a really big club, although I suspect that they will try to make an example of at least one.

Up to 40 of the 237 clubs competing in this season’s Champions League and Europa League are likely to exceed losses of €5m over the two seasons.   They should also face sanctions if their owners were unwilling or unable to cover the losses.

Interest focuses on two clubs in particular, Paris St. Germain and Manchester City and the interpretation of the rules related to sponsorship.   Both clubs have substantial sponsorship deals with entities closely linked to their owners.  Uefa is still awaiting information on PSG’s sponsorship deal with the Qatar Tourism Authority, worth €150m a year over four years.

If Uefa decided to act against either of these clubs, one could be certain that the matter would end up in the courts.