Spain’s third force

For a long time Spanish football has been dominated by a duopoly of Real Madrid and Barcelona.  The championship victory of Atlético Madrid in 2013-14, along with their Champions League final, challenged that pattern.

West Ham one of the most exciting ‘projects’ in Europe

The author of the impressive Swiss Ramble blog has provided another of his in depth analyses of football finances, this time of West Ham United.

With the impending move to the Olympic Stadium, he considers that they are currently one of the most impressive ‘projects’ in European football.  He sees parallels with Manchester City’s move to the Etihad, but notes that they are in London in an area that is attracting significant foreign investment.

Is Anfield losing its atmosphere?

I always enjoyed my visits to Liverpool when Charlton were in the Premier League.  It was one of the most atmospheric, if not the most, atmospheric stadiums in the country.

Now Jurgen Klopp has complained about early leavers.   Admittedly, that’s a phenomenon everywhere given transport congestion after games.

Good progress at Darlington

Volunteer run Darlington are making good progress with turnover up 18 per cent at £341,000.   All debts have been cleared and there is around £300,000 in the bank.   However, more help is needed from a wider range of volunteers.

One disappointment is that the club has not moved backed to Darlington and continues to play at Bishops Auckland.  Negotiations for a ground share at Darlington RFC continue.