Jimmy Hill and shirt sponsorship

Today shirt sponsorship is an accepted part of football.   Even the smallest non-league teams have their shirts sponsored by, say, a local pub or scaffolding company.   However, it was not always the case and it was Jimmy Hill who made the breakthrough.

He brought in shirt sponsorship at Coventry City, threatening to rename them Coventry Talbot unless allowed to place logos and names on the club shirt.   Television refused to show them, so Coventry wore a different strip when the cameras were in town.

Barca want to be first €1bn club

Barcelona have a six year plan to become the first club with €1bn in revenues.  Current revenues are €600m and it is felt necessary to lift them to counter the growing financial clout of the Premier League.

Chinese president is Blue not Red

As part of his state visit to Britain, Chinese president Xi Jinping is to visit Manchester on Friday.  He is going to visit the Etihad stadium of Manchester City, snubbing their rivals Manchester United.  To ensure that the Reds do not feel excluded, some representatives of Manchester United will be invited to their rival’s ground during the visit.

Rebranding Belgium

This post is an interesting piece of analysis on how the Belgium national team reconnected with its disilluisoned fans.   Part of the process was a ‘rebranding’ which involved a new red devils logo.

Of course, having a group of exciting and talented players that helped Belgium finish top of their European qualification group also helped.

United’s tour boosts sponsors

Manchester United’s 17th successive summer pre-season tour, this year in the United States, has been meticulously planned both in footballing terms, to keep the demands on players within bounds, and also to boost sponsors.   The club is working tirelessly to deliver for their sponsors with the entertaining of every VIP guest a personalised experience.

Super size shirts

Knowing the market for your merchandise in football or any part of the economy involves identifying niche markets that you can satisfy. There are some very large fans around and three clubs are producing their 2015-16 shirts in 6XL size.

The three clubs are Arsenal, Aston Villa and Norwich City, but there is no reason to suppose that they have more very large fans than any other clubs. Some clubs, including Tottenham Hotspur, sell 5XL shirts.