English FA Cup Prize Money – 2003-04 vs 2009-10

English FA Cup Prize Money by round – Season 2003/04 vs Season 2009/10. A good Cup run can also significantly boost clubs’ income with television appearances – up to a quarter of a million pounds for a televised match for the quarter-final and beyond.

RADIO FEES (BBC 5live)(each club)
Full Match (90 mins) £8,100
Half Match (45 mins) £4,050
Quarter Match (24 mins) £2,025

English Premier League Prize Money | Merit Award | Seasons 2005/06 vs 2007/08

Prize Money is the amount of dosh Premier League Clubs receive based on their final finishing position – it is more usually called the Merit Award and comes from a pool of money derived from the broadcasting income the EPL receives.

With thanks to PEF reader Basil who helped put the 2007/08 season figures together.

Top 10 Money Earning Clubs in Champions League 2004-05

Liverpool headed the list of the Top 10 Money Earning Clubs in the 2004/05 running of the UEFA Champions League. They were the champions that year (winning for the 5th time when counting the European Cup as the tournaments predecessor) whilst runners-up AC Milan came third in the table, pushed down by Chelsea who earned more via broadcasting revenues.

Four English clubs were in the top ten table, two German and one each from Italy, Spain, France and Holland.