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Television and Broadcasting


Big bucks for Premier League

The Premier League has confirmed its increasing value in global television markets by more than trebling its income from the United States following a $250 million deal (£156m) for English and Spanish lanuage rights with NBC Universal.   The Spanish language rights are particularly significant given that the growing Hispanic population is particularly keen on football for heritage reasons.

Live rights market gets more expensive

One of the scenarios favoured by those who think that 'the Premiership bubble will burst' is a fall in prices for live television rights.  But the trend seems to be in the opposite direction for both domestic and international rights.   BSkyB is paying £2.3bn for 116 matches in the new Premier League three year rights deal, compared with £1.6bn for 115 matches in its current deal.   That's a 40 per cent increase.

Court decision challenges TV rights

The Premier League's television rights are its most valuable asset and it will take any steps it can to defend them.   However, it may have gone too far in using an agent who was not a regulated solicitor in dozens of cases.  

Such individuals should not carry out certain functions and a court has ruled that in receiving payment from the Premier League to represent them in a private prosecution Media Protection Services was acting as a solicitor when it was not recognised as such.

Scottish football's financial woes

Scottish football is starting to face up to a life with Rangers in the third division.   The Scottish Premier League's £80m five-year broadcasting deal with  BSkyB and EPSN, which had not been signed, has been axed.   It is thought that the new agreement is worth £50m to the 12 SPL teams over the same period.   And with Celtic nailed-on football betting favourites to win the title in Rangers' absence, will people still be tuning in to watch the SPL?

Premier League funds prosecution

The Premier League's determination to protect its intellectual property rights and those of its broadcasters is demonstrated by its involvement in the public prosecution of a man accused of importing cut-price satellite decoder cards.

BT's football gamble

The share prices of BT and BSkyB dropped sharply as investors digested just how much they had to pay after a bidding war for Premiership television rights.    Citigroup commented, 'Even before the latest round of [price increases], we estimated that [the] rights as a standalone are barely break-even.'

Big new Premiership television deal

Every so often predictions are made that the Premier League 'bubble' has burst, especially since the onset of the recession.   The financial success of the Premiership is very much driven by its television deals and the latest one for the seasons from 2013-14 to 2015-16 exceeds all expectations.   It even astounded Premier League chief executive Richard Scudamore.

Spain could lose their free to air matches

The economic news coming out of Spain is grim.   Unemployment, always on the high side by EU standards, has soared, particularly among young people.   Many of them are choosing to emigrate to Mexico or elsewhere in Latin America.   The banks are in deep trouble and, whatever the Government may say, the country may well need a bailout from the IMF and the EU.

Chelsea or MLS?

22-year old Ohio native Katie Callaway will be with fellow Chelsea fans in a Chicago bar today to watch the final with Bayern Munich.   She fell in love with Chelsea on a family trip to Grand Cayman in 2006 and she will be wearing her David Luiz away shirt for the game.

Last day drama boosts Premiership

The dramatic events of the last day in the Premier League must have delighted television companies around the world who show matches live, although there will also be big audiences for Match of the Day and similar programmes.

Manchester City secured the title after beating Queens Park Rangers 3-2 in time added on after falling 1-2 behind despite the Super Hoops being down to 10 men after Joey Barton was sent off.    City had not been beaten at home for 17 months and QPR had not won away in the league all season.