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Football Finance


Pompey situation more serious than expected

The administrator of Portsmouth has said that the situation at the club is 'more serious' than expected.  The fundamental problem is that the club has a Premier League cost base but only Championship income and could run out of money in the next couple of months if drastic decisions are not taken.

Arsenal freeze season ticket prices

Arsenal have bowed to pressure from the Supporters' trust and frozen season ticket prices for next season.   They may look at issuing credits should the team not qualify for the Champions League.  At present the first seven cup games are included in season tickets.

Premier League Merit Payments and TV Money

We often get letters (well, emails) asking about the level of Merit Payments and TV Facility Fees for Premier League football clubs. Whilst we have published some data in the past, it's not always easy to get a proper picture of how the system works.

Bank balance falls at United

Manchester United's bank balance has fallen by almost £100m in six months, according to the club's quarterly accounts, as a result of buying back bonds, player arrivals and stadium improvements.

The latest accounts show that while revenues continued to rise as a result of increased TV income and corporate hospitality revenue, plus new commercial contracts, higher wages contributed to sharply increased operating costs.

Whyte denies trying to 'make a fast buck' out of Rangers

Craig Whyte, the chairman of Rangers, has issued a long statement denying that he has been 'trying to make a fast buck' out of the club.   This follows further information about what happened to the Ticketus money raised as a loan against season ticket sales.   It appears that this was used to pay off debts to Lloyds Bank, thus facilitating Whyte's takeover.   It could be argued that, in effect, fans were funding his takeover.

Supporters Trust express Arsenal concerns

Supporter disquiet at Arsenal with Arsene Wenger is higher than it has ever been.   This was reflected at a record attendance at a meeting last night of the Arsenal Supporters Trust (AST).   The venue had to be changed because so many fans turned up.

20 Years of the Premier League

It's 20 years since the decision was taken to set up the Premier League.   In this short essay I reflect on some of the changes it has brought about in football, for better or worse.

United in hotel row

Former Manchester United player and club ambassador Gary Neville is involved in a dispute with the club about his plans to build a hotel and supporters' club opposite Old Trafford.

Neville has been working with fans' groups to create a ten storey hotel and leisure complex on Sir Matt Busby Way.   Initially United supported the scheme but now they are urging Manchester City Council to reject the planning application made under the name of Old Trafford Supporters' Club.

Profits boost at Motherwell

Motherwell Football Club has announced profits of £541,663 for 2010/11 compared to £18,000 the previous year.   The club was in administration between 2002 and 2004 but unpleasant though this experience was it seems to have put them on a sounder footing.

Portsmouth debts total £50m

As Portsmouth FC prepares to enter administration, it has been estimated that the club's debts total around £50m.   This is considerably less than the £119m owed when Portsmouth went into administration in 2010.

There is a secured debt from former owner Balram Chainrai of £17m.   There is a debt to Convers Sports Initiatives of about £10m.   There is also the Company Voluntary Arrangement of the old company which is estimated at £16m.