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Ben Hayes - Charlton Athletic programme

Sky Blues attendances slump


Coventry City's attendances have slumped with games being played in Northampton.   Indeed, the club has recorded its ten worst home attendances ever.   Nearby Conference club Nuneaton Town are catching up with the Sky Blues as their promotion push gains momentum.

One might think that Sisu, the owners of Coventry City, would learn something from this, but probably not.

Sky Blues Attendances Slump

Although a Charlton fan, I have been to Northampton a couple of times this season., including Wednesday's match against Stevenage, where I was one of a crowd below 1,700. As an over-60, it only costs me £6, which helps to partly offset the cost of the petrol. I have no idea how the club exists on the level of income that such crowds generate and can only assume that their trading position is very precarious. However, it is an always an enjoyable experience to sit amongst such die-hard supporters, for whom my admiration has no bounds.

Brian G