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Fifa suspends Nigeria


Fifa has suspended the Nigerian Football Federation with immediate effect, news that comes immediately after the country's troubled 50th anniversary celebrations.   It will mean that the country will not be represented in any regional, continental or international competitions.   It will also involve bans at club level including international friendly matches.

Nigeria came very close to suspension three months ago when after the national team's failure in the world cup the Nigerian president, Goodluck Jonathan,placed a ban on the national team from participating in international football for two years.  As far as Fifa was concerned, this constituted unacceptable political interference which is barred by the organisation's rules.

After negotiations Nigeria was granted a reprieve.  However, a number of recent actions have infuriated Fifa, including the standing down of the NFF general secretary on the instructions of the National Sports Commission and the decision of the minister of sports to have the Nigerian League to start without relegation from the previous season.