Estimated Total Players’ Earnings English Football Leagues – 1996 to 2004

In the nine years this table covers, Premier League footballers saw their earnings increase by a multiple of five. Notes: All figures are in £ million. Estimates include National Insurance contributions but exclude ‘salary sacrifices’ (amounts paid to players’ pension funds) and so do not represent the total players’ wage bill borne by clubs.

Source: Deloitte

Top 20 Highest-Earning Players in World Football 2004

Source: France Football magazine. The figures presented are based on estimates of salary plus commercial earnings. In 2004, Frank Lampard was ranked the highest paid player by wages alone (at £5.17 million per season) although he only ranked sixth when commercial earnings were added. Marketing machine David Beckham headed the list with significant earnings from image rights and lucrative sponsorship deals with the likes of Adidas, Vodaphone, Brylcreem and Diesel.

Top Wage Earners in English Premier League – as of August 2004

Roy Keane of Manchester United headed this list of the top twenty two wage earners in the English Premier League – as of August 2004. It was estimated that he earned £100,000 a week, some £10,000 ahead of second-placed Stevie G of Liverpool FC. Michael Owen, Ruud van Nistelrooy and Frank Lampard were all estimated at £80,000 per week. Nice work if you can get it.