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Salisbury City fight expulsion


Salisbury City are appealing against expulsion from the Blue Square Premiership under the controversial Appendix E rules adopted last year.   Some critics think they are too stringent.   Salisbury argue that they have paid all football creditors in full.    Their only outstanding debt is an admittedly substantial £228,000 to the tax authorities with whom they have an agreement to pay 27p in the pound over three years.

Northwich Victoria, which have been expelled from the Blue Square North for a similar breach of financial rules, have threatened to take their case all the way to the European Court of Arbitration for Sport in Lausanne and Salisbury have talked of joining them.   However, there doesn't seem to be any evidence that the Conference decision was improperly taken, even if it was thought to be harsh.

Elsewhere in the non-league, the re-formed Chester City, until two years ago a Football League Club, believed that they might have a chance of playing at Step 3, but they have been provisionally allocated to the Vodkat (North West Counties) Premier League which has only one promotion slot.   The FA's view is that the club are a new entity and some fans from other clubs have even argued they should start at Step 6.

Merthyr Tydfil have been expelled from the Zamaretto Premiership after failing to meet a FA deadline to give assurances that they could trade next season.   The Martyrs to the Cause fan group have been running the club under a trading agreement with the administrator.   It is possible that they could re-form as a new club at another ground and gain admission to the Western League with the ultimate objective of returning one day to Penydarren Park