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Liverpool secure record kit deal


Liverpool FC manager Kenny Dalglish has urged that money be made available for summer spending after the club secured the biggest kit deal in English football history.   The £25m-a-year contract with Boston-based Warrior Sports more than doubles Liverpool's present agreement with Adidas and demonstrates the value of the New England contacts of the new owners.

Adidas which launched a new away kit last week as part of a £12 milliopn a year contract with the club had the chance to match the American company's offer.  However, they were not prepared to meet the price.   It's a big blow to Adidas as only Real Madrid sell more branded shirts than Liverpool.

Warrior is a subisdiary of New Balance, a company best known for its running shoes.   Liverpool's owner, Fenway Sports Group, have become increasingly close in recent months to Jim Davis, the chairman nof New Balance.   It has entered into a multi-year partnership with the Boston Red Sox including a kit deal and a $1m fee for an illuminated logo inside Fenway Park, the home of the Red Sox.

Warrior has been best known up to now for its association with the game of lacrosse which has Native American origins.  It is little known in Britain, but is played at top girls' schools like North London Collegiate and is popular at the better universities.

Whatever the link up does for lacrosse, it has solved the short-term cash flow problems at Liverpool Football Club caused by a likely failure to qualify for the Champions League.