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Ben Hayes - Charlton Athletic programme

Football worries over Brexit


Peter Coates, the chairman of Stoke City, has told The Times that the Premier League, the Football League and the FA have 'all sorts of worries' about the effects of a vote to leave the EU in the June 23rd referendum on the UK's membership.

Coates said, 'The research that has been done on this shows that there are a number of players already in England who would not have met the requirements to be granted an automatic work permit, had they needed to go through that process, even some of them in our squad.'

Coates also claimed, 'The EU has reduced the cost of air travel that helps supporters follow their teams in Europe.'   This would seem to be an example of the tendency of those on both sides of the Brexit debate to put forward exaggerated arguments.   It was the arrival of budget airlines, and the competition between them and established airlines, that drove down the cost of flights in Europe.

A new low

'Project Fear' stoops to a new low. The Remainers must think the public is stupid to try these specious arguments.