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Arsenal fan Jeremy Corbyn slams owner


Jeremy Corbyn told the owner of Arsenal to 'stick to football' yesterday after it was revealed that the American billionaire Stan Kroenke had launched an online hunting channel that shows lions and elephants being killed for sport.   My Outdoor TV has been described as the Netflix of the hunting, shooting and fishing world.

Mr Corby said, 'As an Arsenal fan I am disgusted that Stan Kroenke is involved in such a brutal, unethical and unnecessary activity.  "Blood sport" is a contradiction and there should be no place on television or anywhere else for it.'   Hundreds of fellow fans said they were sickened and disgusted by the channel.  ITV political editor Robert Peston said, 'As an Arsenal supporter I have to pay money to this person.  I feel sick.'

'Silent Stan' was none too popular with Arsenal fans as it was.  In May the crowd at the Emirates sang 'Stan Kroenke, get out of our club.'

After more than 70,000 people signed an online petition urging the club's sponsors to condemn Mr Kroenke, he instructed all the big game hunting content to be removed pending a review.