Millwall today urged London Mayor Sadiq Khan to safeguard their future by stopping land around The Den being sold to property developers.

Lions chairman John Berylson has written to Khan and asked him to stop Lewisham Council allowing the land to become privately owned through compulsory purchase orders (CPO).

The land at risk contains Millwall’s car park, cafe and Lions Centre - a leisure centre at the heart of the Millwall Community Trust.

“I fear Lewisham Council will make a decision that will not only threaten the Millwall Community Trust’s future, but also that of Millwall FC,” Berylson said.

Nearly 23,000 people had signed the 'Defend Our Den' petition as of Tuesday morning to call on Lewisham Council to stop the CPOs, including former Millwall forward Tim Cahill and ex-Leicester and England striker Gary Lineker.

Campaigners fight to save Millwall

The Labour Group of Lewisham Councillors (Council backbenchers) met on Monday night to discuss the CPOs with the Council’s chief executive Barry Quirke, and voted in favour of a motion calling for Khan to stop the CPO.

Berylson added: "My message to Lewisham Council is simple. Let's take this into extra-time, avoid the financial penalties and work together to get a result we can all be happy with."


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