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Liverpool Play Down Interest of Saudi Prince


Liverpool are playing down the high profile interest of a Saudi prince in acquiring a stake in the club. Nevertheless, American sources are insisting that Prince Faisal Bin Fahad Al Saud is in talks to buy a 50 per cent stake in the team from its US owners, George Gillet Jr. and Tom Hicks, for as much as £350m. The Wall Street Journal noted that Liverpool was 'one of the most successful franchises in English and European soccer' and 'could be a trophy asset for the prince.' The prince is the son of the commander of Saudi Arabia's Royal Navy and is married to King Abdullah's granddaughter. The acquisition would be made by the F6 group, a sports investment company which was formed by the prince to bring Formula One powerboat races to Saudi Arabia. The company signed a deal with Mr Gillet and Richard Petty Motorsports on Saturday to form a venture that could bring a football academy and Nascar motor races to Saudi Arabia and other countries in the Middle East. The prince visited the club's academy in Kirkby on Saturday before attending Liverpool's home match against Hull City. The club needs to reduce its £250m debt and bring in cash to build its new stadium at Stanley Park, but is not expecting immediate investment from the Saudi prince. Indeed, talks with another potential investor were held in London on Sunday.

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