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Buyer's Market For Football Club Shirt Sponsorship


Premiership clubs are facing a buyer's market for shirt sponsorships. 188Bet, an Asia-focused online gambling company unknown in the UK has pulled off a double sponsorship deal. It will be the shirt sponsor for Bolton Wanderers and Wigan Athletic for the next two seasons. It is believed that 188Bet is paying Bolton about £70,000 a year, while Wigan is getting about £60,000. Both clubs may get bonuses based on team performance. A year ago both clubs could have expected deals in the region of £1m a year. But there is a glut of clubs looking for shirt sponsorship renewals or new deals, while the pool of potential sponsors, who have traditionally come from the now stricken banking, financial services and automotive industries has dried up. The top three Premiership clubs are all chasing new deals. Manchester United is seeking a replacement for AIG, the bailed-out US insurer, and is looking for someone to at least match the £19m a year deal that ends at the end of next season. Chelsea is in talks with Samsung that has a renewal option of its £11m a year contract while Carlsberg is due to begin discussions over renewing its £7m a year contract with Liverpool over the next two weeks.

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