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Wenger says FFP will have to change


Arsene Wenger has claimed that changes are to made to Financial Fair Play (FFP) regulations within the next 12 months.  No doubt the real agenda here is Paris Saint-Germain.  

Wenger points out that the issue is even arousing interest in politicians, although it doesn't take much for them to pile in on a football issue if they think they can gain favourable publicity.   Indeed, one of the politicians to comment was German chancellor Angela Merkel who now has other issues to deal with. To be fair, Merkel is a genuine football fan.  More significantly, a number of top clubs are urging Uefa to take action against the Ligue 1 super club which they think has tilted the playing field to an unacceptable extent.

Wenger says that ultimately the decision will have to be made that either a set of rules should be put in place, which will need to be followed by all clubs, or, that no rules should exist regarding spending, and clubs should be free to do as they choose.

The Arsenal supremo said: 'You have to go one of two ways.  Regulate it properly, or leave it completely open.  But you cannot be in between.  That is where we are at the moment.  That is only to the advantage of some clubs who can deal with rules in a legal way.  The regulation has to be stricter and cleaner, or open it completely, you can do what you want provided you can have the money to pay.'