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The transformation of European football?


The book I have edited with Borja Garcia from Spain and Arne Niemann from Germany on the transformation of European football has now been published by Manchester University Press.   A 20 per cent discount is available to our readers who contact us through our e-mail address.

The heart of the book is a series of country case studies covering the 'Big Five', smaller European countries in the shape of Austria, the Netherlands and Sweden, an East European country (Poland) and a non-EU country (Switzerland).   Ideally, we would like to have covered Turkey but could not find an author in the time available.

The book also looks at the way that the EU and Uefa influence European football and the changes that have been brought about by satellite broadcasting and pay-per-view television.   One theme is the relative decline of the smaller European countries in terms of the appeal of their leagues and their success in European competitions.

Globalisation is shown to be a significant force with European leagues drawing in talent from elsewhere in the world.   However, in football both Europeanisation and globalisation effects are mediated by national arrangements and cultures in quite complex ways.   EU member states also borrow ideas from each other with the Premier League an influential model.