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Morecambe's troubles continue


Following an ownership fiasco involving an absent new owner who turned out not to have the readies (yet again), Morecamble were in serious financial trouble last season with players not being paid.

After the Shrimps' new Brazilian owner Diego Lemos went AWOL, Italian businessman Joseph Cala claimed to have bought the club.  He turned up at the Globe Arena and started giving it large, before Lemos returned as if he had never been away.

Following a court case, Diego Lemos was thrown out as owner and tax consultant Graham Burnard became the self-described 'reluctant owner'.  He is looking for a new owner.  However, Morecambe had the second lowest average attendances in League Two last season (1,703), only just ahead of Accrington Stanley.

Perhaps because of these difficulties, the latest accounts have been published late with a summary put on Twitter by thepriceoffootball.  Turnover is up marginally from £2.31 million to £2.47m.  However, the club is losing £11k a week and appears to be kept by director loans and subsidies.   How long this can be continued is unclear.