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Juventus look good in Serie A


Accounts for Serie A clubs for the 2015-16 season are now complete and Juventus come out on top on a number of criteria.   Data from the author of the Swiss Ramble blog.

Juventus had the highest revenues at €351m. more than €100m ahead of Roma on €234m.   The importance of Champions League success in television revenues is readily apparent.  Juventus and Roma reached the group stages and they received a total of €195m and €154m respectively.  Juventus had the highest wage bill at €221m, followed by Milan on €204m.

In terms of commercial revenues, Milan were ahead at €106m, followed by Juventus on €103m and Inter on €92m.  The next club, Florentina, were way behind on €38m.   Roma had the highest profit on player sales on €77m, followed by Juventus on €36m.

Eight of twenty clubs were profitable, although six of them made less than €2m.   The highest profit was €10m at Torino.  The largest loss was €89 at Milan, followed by €61m at Inter.

The worst wages to turnover ratios were at smaller clubs: Bologna, 90 per cent; Atalanta 82 per cent; Sassuolo, 81 per cent.