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Ben Hayes - Charlton Athletic programme

How to balance the books


I have been looking at the accounts for a tier two Conference club.   The shareholders are supporters and the shares are quite widely dispersed, although there are five or so individuals who have larger holdings.

The club reported profits of £52,000 on a turnover of £267,000 in the year ending 30 June.   This compared with £21,000 in the previous twelve months.

Commercial revenue was down by £33,000 on the previous year, but this partly reflected the fact that a two year sponsorship deal of £20,000 was paid in advance.   One sponsor withdrew their £7,000 sponsorship, but a replacement was found.

Promotion to the second tier boosted crowds and programme sales, and together with higher admission prices, saw a £17k increase on match day revenues to £82,000.  Bar revenue was also up by £4,000 due to higher attendances.   Donations were a significant source of revenue at £67,000, in part through an organised scheme.

However, playing at a higher level pushed the wage and expenses bill up to £148,000.   Ground maintenance cost just under £20,000.   Overall, however, it shows that it is possible to run a football club in a prudent manner.