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Ben Hayes - Charlton Athletic programme

Hatters must go up to compete


Luton Town vice-chairman David Wilkinson has said that the Hatters must go up this season if they are to continue to compete.   In his view the gap between the divisions is becoming greater.

He said, 'Not only do Championship clubs receive ten times more than us from the Premier League, but a growing number of them are benefitting from both parachute payments on relegation and wealthy owners risking their fortunes to get on to the Premier League gravy train. The inevitable result is that clubs at that level can afford transfer fees and to offer salary packages way beyond what would be sensible in League Two.'

Before the Premier League was created Luton were once a top flight club; they won the League Cup in the 1988 and were in the first division for ten years until 1991-2 before eventually ending up in the non-league system.  Both the location and the nature of the stadium has become a constraint.