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Guernsey pay the price


Guernsey are going to have to pay a high price for playing in the FA Cup and the FA Trophy. The Football Association has ruled that the club must cover the cost of flights, accommodation transport for all three match officials and 25 members of the opponent's team.

What is more, any postponed home tie must be rescheduled on the UK mainland with Guernsey covering the cost of hiring a neutral ground no more than 30 miles from Gatwick. The same provision will apply if an away tie is drawn, depriving the Green Lions of a home replay.

With all FA Cup gate receipts shared equally between the two teams, Guernsey have estimated that the rulings will cost them £6,000 per game in both competitions. However, after an appeal for donations, they have already managed to raise £3,100 per game.

In Ryman League matches, Guernsey have to fund flights for up to 30 players and representatives of each visiting club. For some clubs overnight accommodation has to be provided at Gatwick for up to 22 members of their teams.