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The future of North Ferriby United


The following statement has been issued by North Ferriby United: 'The last two years have seen an injection of over a quarter of a million pounds into North Ferriby United. This has undoubtedly led to the recent success that all involved in the club have enjoyed and experienced.'

'This injection has allowed the focus at the club to be on the quality of its football and resulted in North Ferriby United being 2nd last year, in the Conference North League..., narrowly missing out on automatic promotion to the Conference Premier and of course winning the F A Trophy at Wembley this year. An absolutely magnificent time and these achievements will be part of the club's history for ever.'

'However, the commerciality [sic] and fan base have not matched the success nor have they matched the above mentioned funding. The club is totally reliant on the continued injection of monies from Steve and Eman Forster, even after the success at Wembley.'   Steve and Eman Forster are the son-in-law and daughter of Hull City owner Asssem Allan.

'With this realisation, the club’s only way forward for 2015/2016 is to trade within its own means and build on strong foundations going forward. The owners will endeavour to achieve this, in the hope that the recent success at Wembley and the high profile will encourage others to become involved with the club.'

'The Forster’s have enjoyed their two years at North Ferriby United and will continue with the club until they can transfer to new owners. Contrary to comments already made there is no money being pulled out of the club, in fact the opposite is the case, more money has to be put in by the Forster’s to ensure the club’s continued survival.'

This is perhaps an object lesson in how far injections of money can push a club beyond its potential support base.  The aveareg attendance is 365.  Other examples such as Rushden and Diamonds come to mind.  The population of North Ferriby is 3,700, no surprise then that the club are known as the 'Villagers'.   It's not suprising that there is no queue of buyers.

Players have alleged on social media that the club could be voluntarily relegated one or two divisions.