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Financial stringency at Sunderland


Sunderland fans are understandably disappointed at an indifferent start to the season.  Some of them think that owner Ellis Short is 'asset stripping' the club in preparation for a sale.  They are particularly aggrieved that so little of the £30m transfer fee for Jordan Pickford has been spent on new players.

However, chief executive Martin Bain has responded to the criticisms.   He points out that the club's income dropped from £100m to £40m after relegation.   Some of the Pickford money had to be used to pay transfer fees due to other clubs.   Ellis Short continues to invest in the club, but on a long-term basis.

Rebuilding Sunderland so that the club can not only win promotion but be sustainable in the Premiership is going to take time. 

Sunderland entered The Football League in 1890 and were not relegated from the top division until the 1957-58 season, a total of 58 seasons in the highest division of England They won the title six times, the last time in 1935-6.

They were first promoted to the Premier League for the 1999-2000 season and have experienced three relegations since then.  On the first two occasions, they bounced back again straight away.   Their highest position in the Premiership was 7th.