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Dunfermline fans worried by mystery bid


Dunfermline Athletic supporter group, The Pars Supporters’ Trust has called for the mystery second bidder to buy their club to reveal itself to alleviate growing concerns of the club’s supporters.

Fans group Pars United submitted a bid for the club and the ground (which are separately owned) earlier this week. Talks between Pars administrators BDO and Pars United are expected to resume early next week after it emerged their offer for both the club and their East End Park stadium was unacceptable in its present form.

Fears about who the second bidder is and their interest in the club and East End Park are rising amongst Pars fans with concerns that it may be impacting on the ‘BuyThePars’ campaign and on sales of season tickets, an income stream critical to the club as it plans for next season.

Fans remain concerned that the club's former owner, Gavin Masterton, is part of the anonymous group, although assurances have been provided to BDO that he is not.