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Could the US see promotion and relegation?


I must admit that I did not know much about the North American Soccer League (NASL), so I was interested to come across this informative posting.   Although regarded as a second tier operation, they are not set up as a minor league.   However, they have more of a community focus than the increasingly successful Major League Soccer (MLS).

The article notes that they are open to the possibility of promotion and relegation which would certainly be an innovation for the States.   What the MLS would think about this is another matter with the two leagues in direct competition in the Atlanta market with the NASL running their own team directly there.

Promotion and relegation doesn't happen in American sport, a big difference with the rest of the world. This is a consequence of having a franchise system.   Relegation can be a costly, even a survival threatening, issue for a European club.   That is not compatible with a franchise system.  But for European fans promotion and relegation is the main focus of competitive interest.