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Another Conference North club in trouble


Following the resignation of Vauxhall Motors from the Skrill North, Histon are the latest club to encounter difficulties.  The club's board of directors has announced that they are to resign at the end of the month. Five of the six largest shareholders have agreed to relinquish their shares, which are essentially worthless, to make way for new investors.

However, Angelo Dama who holds 31 per cent of the shares is holding out.   He told BBC Radio Cambridgeshire that he felt that the club had been struggling for two years and should have asked for help before now.

The underlying issue is that there is some relationship between a club's potential support base and its ability to succeed financially at a particular level.   Histon is a large village outside Cambridge, and although fans flocked in at the height of its success, average attendances this season have been just over 300.   From my involvement in a Conference North club, I would say that you need considerably more to sustain a club at that level.




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