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Olympic Stadium deal near

It looks as if a deal for West Ham United to move into the Olympic Stadium is near completion.   A set of proposals is to be put to the London Legacy Development Corporation next Tuesday.

Big losses at Oxford United

Oxford United lost £750,00 last year and are expected to lose a further £660,000 in 2013.   One factor has been falling attendances that have fallen by around 2,000 to a season's average of 5,977, costing the club £200,000.   Even against the background of a difficult economic climate, this is a big fall, particularly in relation to comparable clubs.

Why does Bristol punch below its weight?

It's a question we've raised before: why does the city of Bristol punch below its weight in football terms? Here one has a city with a population of half a million if you count in the surrounding areas.   It's a dynamic and innovative city, the only one to vote for its own elected mayor.   Yet the more successful of its two clubs is at the wrong end of the Championship.

Worcester agree to ground share

After protracted negotiations, Worcester City have agreed an initially one year ground share deal with Kidderminster Harriers.   It is believed that City will pay a four figure fee per game.    Their historic ground at St.George's Lane is due to be demolished at the end of the season.

Fans frustrated by the delay in building a new ground at Nunnery Way have put in place plans to construct a scaled-down stadium at Perdiswell.

Fans unhappy about Bath City plans

Bath City are facing debts of £700,000.   Their stadium Mayday Trust Park (aka Twerton Park) is run down and chairman Mandy Rigby considers that they should move to a purpose built stadium elsewhere in the city.   However, the Bath City Supporters' Society, the largest shareholders in the club, are unhappy about her plans and what they see as a lack of consultation.

FC United get stadium go ahead

A court hearing has rejected an attempt to quash the planning permision for FC United's new stadium. The club currently plays at Bury's ground at Giggs Lane.

Coventry Council bail out Ricoh

Coventry City Council have agreed a multi million pound bail out of the Ricoh Stadium where Coventry City are in dispute with the operating company ACL over the amount of rent they pay.   Although the City Council have been facing major financial challenges, they have always seen the stadium as a key element in their regeneration plans for North Coventry.

The cost of renting a stadium

Coventry City are not the only lower league club to pay a lot of money to rent their stadium.   Bradford City pay £380,000 a year to a company owned by former chairman Gordon Gibb who paid £2.3m for Valley Parade in 2003 to keep the club alive.

Bradford's troubles started when they secured a second year in the Premiership and then spent big on salaries trying to stay there.   This cost them £36m and then they were one of the clubs hit hard by the ITV Digital collapse.   A stadium redevelopment was financially draining.

MK Dons could win empty stadium stakes

This season Milton Keynes Dons have been watched by an average of 8,721 people in a stadium that holds 22,000, which means stadium:mk has the fourteenth most empty seats per league game in the country.  A planned redevelopment of the ground next year will raise the capacity by 10,000 so, unless crowds go up, MK Dons will play to the most empty seats of the 92 league clubs.

No resolution in Ricoh row

There has been no resolution of the dispute between Coventry City and the operators of the Ricoh Arena, ACL.   The club has not paid the outstanding rent of £1.1m and there has been no agreement on a compromise deal with ACL perhaps feeling they have gone as far as they can.   ACL are now considering their legal options which could include a winding up order against the club.