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Spurs may sue

West Ham are preparing a victory press conference at a site overlooking the Olympic Stadium for later today.   However, there may be yet another twist in this saga, as Tottenham Hostpur are thinking about seeking a judicial review of the Olympic Park Legacy Company's widely leaked decision.

They may make a challenge under European competition law on the basis that the deal involved illegal state aid.  West Ham would need to take out a £40m Treasury-backed loan from Newham Council to finance the cost of converting the stadium.

Arsenal do well on matchday revenue

Arsenal are the only club in the Deloitte Money League to receive more than 40 per cent of revenues from matchday activities.  The club ranks 3rd in Europe in terms of matchday revenue of €114.7m, behind Manchester United in 2nd place with matchday revenues of €122.7m.   The seventh ranked club, Liverpool, earn only 53 per cent of Barcelona's total and less than €2m per match compared with more than €3.5m for Arsenal and Manchester United.

West Ham lead in final lap for Olympic Stadium

West Ham lead in the final lap of the Olympic Stadium race with Olympic bosses poised to back their bid.   Despite their bid offering a poorer return for the taxpayer than that from Spurs, West Ham have played their political cards well.

New twist in Olympic Stadium saga

There has been a new twist in the Olympic Stadium saga with a split emerging in the athletics camp which up to now has been united in its support of the West Ham bid.   The Association of British Athletics Clubs, a grassroots body, has argued that the Spurs scheme which involves upgrading Crystal Palace is a realistic alternative.

Is the political weather turning against Spurs?

There is a sense that the politcal weather is turning against Spurs in their bid to secure the Olympic Stadium.   Many Spurs fans, of course, do not want to move to Stratford, although just how many is difficult to assess.

West Ham 'happy' with half empty stadium

As the race for the Olympic Stadium enters its final phase with the bids submitted, it has emerged that West Ham's plan is based on the assumption that it will be half empty for most of the club's matches. A combination of an athletics track and a half empty stadium is not going to create a great atmosphere.

Experts criticise Dome Mark II

Experts on stadium construction are increasingly giving the design of London's Olympic Stadium a good kicking.    For example, Radio 5 had the architect of the City of Manchester stadium on air this morning and he reasonably made the point that an athletics track destroys the atmosphere from a football point of view.

Crystal Palace plan move to old home

At a press conference on Thursday Crystal Palace are expected to announce plans to move to their old home at the National Sports Centre.   It is considered that building a new stadium there would be a better option than refurbishing Selhurst Park.   It would also restore a closer link between the club's name and its geographical location.

Fans of three clubs oppose stadium move

According to the Football Supporters' Federation fans of Leyton Orient, Tottenham Hotspur and West Ham United are all opposed to a move to the Olympic Stadium.   5,000 West Ham fans have declared their opposition on the internet and 5,000 Spurs fans have signed the 'We are N17' petition.   For a club with the support base of Leyton Orient, the move does not make sense anyway.

Lammy lambastes Spurs

David Lammy may be the MP for Tottenham but he does not seem very well disposed to the club, as he is threatening to take their name away from them if they move to the Olympic Stadium.   This perhaps should not come as a great surprise as we have already seen comments from Spurs fans suggesting that he is not a great friend of the club.