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Russell Crowe rules out Leeds bid

Hollywood actor Russell Crowe has ruled out fronting a bid for Leeds United.   Earlier in the year, he asked his followers on Twitter whether he should make a bid.

Crowe thinks that the club could be turned around and restored to its former glories, but is concerned about the toll it would take on him and his family.

Football and global energy politics

The link between football and the geopolitics of global energy supplies may not seem to be an obvious one.  But under conditions of globalisation, different sectors of the economy become intertwined.  Football can offer prestige, influence and access to decision-makers.    These links are explored in this interesting article.

Interest in buying top clubs fades

Premier League clubs are starting to return profits.   These are likely to increase when the effects of the lucrative new television deal kicks in.   Yet in at least five cases sales of Premier League clubs have failed to be brought to a conclusion over the summer, despite often intensive bargaining.

West Bromwich Albion, which at one time entered exclusive talks with a buyer, saw the deal collapse when the Chinese stock market plummeted.   The banks stopped lending and the buyer couldn't complete.

Uncertainty surrounds Cobblers takeover

Uncertainty is surrounding the takeover of Northampton Town by a mystery Indian consortium.   One question has always been what the motivation would be to acquire a League 2 club, albeit one in a reasonably prosperous area with some potential for progress.   

Nearly a month has passed since chairman David Cardoza announced the heads of terms agreement with the mystery buyers, leaving rumour to fill the void of information coming from the club.

Villa talks dead in water

Aston Villa manager Tim Sherwood has said that takeover talks for the club are 'dead in the water'.   Exclusivity had been granted to a mystery consortium over a £150m takeover, but talks collapsed.

This means that Randy Lerner has failed to sell the club for a second successive summer.   The question that arises is, why?   There is a healthy appetite for acquiring Premiership clubs given the new television deal which means that they require less in the way of subsidy from a new owner.

Valencia hopeful of brighter future

Singapore billionaire Peter Lim acquired control of Valencia last year.   The club had struggled financially for years with debt increasing faster than income.

His plans remain unclear, but there are hopes of a brighter future.   As the Spanish economy recovers, that should also help.

Baggies sale near completion

The sale of West Bromwich Albion to a Chinese consortium is expected to completed by the end of the month.  The price is though to be in the region of £150m.  The club is debt free and has been making a profiit.

Chairman Jeremy Peace owns 88 per cent of the shares in the club.  His generally good record as chairman is assessed here.

Northampton Town set for foreign takeover

Northampton Town is a quintessentially Middle England club, but it looks set for a takeover by an Indian consortium as foreign investors reach into the lower levels of the Football League.

Standard Liege sold

Roland Duchatelet has sold Standard Liege to the club's vice-president Bruno Venanzi.   He co-founded an energy company which specialises in green tariffs in 2003.   So far 83 per cent of Standard fans voting in an online poll have welcomed the news.

Hartlepool takeover completed

The takeover of Hartlepool United by JPNG has been completed and approved by the Football League. JPNG are a specialist recruitment company with clients in Dubai and the UAE as well as the UK.

Former owners Increased Oil Recovery were in charge for 18 years.  The newly formed Supporters' Trust has welcolmed the takeover.