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Football Governance


Commons report on football published

The report of the House of Commons select committee on Media, Culture and Sport on football has been published.   The report has been welcomed by fans' organisation Supporters Direct and says the things one would expect it to say about transparency and good governance of the game.

Breakaway league back on agenda

After a decade when it has not been a serious agenda item the idea of a breakaway European Super League is back on the agenda of football.   This time it is not a group of media interests but Europe's top clubs that are considering the idea.

Premiership to face new pressure on governance

The Premier League seems likely to face renewed pressure on governance issues from the Government once a report from the House of Commons Select Committee on Culture, Media and Sport is published.   This could happen as early as Friday.

Phoenix clubs face tougher climate

Phoenix clubs which have been re-formed after clubs have run into financial trouble have been an increasingly prominent feature of non-league football.   Recent examples include Nuneaton Town (replacing Nuneaton Borough), Farnborough Town (replacing Farnborough) and AFC Telford (replacing Telford).

Match fixing scandal in Turkey

Turkey is the latest country to be hit by a match fixing scandal.   A series of raids were carried out by police after a court jailed the chairman of Fenerbache, pending trial.   However, Fenerbache, which was founded more than a century ago, has escaped the immediate threat of relegation.

City hit back at Wenger in war of words

Manchester City have responded vigorously to claims by Arsene Wenger that their commercial deal with Etihad Airways calls into question Uefa's Financial Fair Play rules.

The EU as a football regulator

This was the theme tackled by Richard Parrish of Edgehill University at the recent Sport and the EU conference.   He noted that the EU had to manage a transformation that involved balancing different business models while functioning as a sports regulator.

Cross-border leagues?

One of the paradoxes of European football discussed at the recent EU and Sport conference was that the player market has been liberalised but the product market remains nationally tied in the form of leagues organised on a country basis.   The Champions League has become very important, of course, but that is available to only a limited number of clubs and the Uefa Cup is not a real money spinner.

Way round financial fair play rules for City?

Does Manchester City's new sponsorship deal represent a way of dealing with the constraints of Uefa's financial fair play rules?   As we shall see, the answer is in part legal and in part political.  But what of the sponsorship deal with Abu Dhabi airline Etihad?

Korean league crisis boosts Premiership

Overseas television revenues are becoming an increasingly important part of overall Premier League revenues.   A big share of these revenues comes from Asia which also has the greatest growth potential, not least in China.   One reason for the popularity of the Premier League there is that in most East Asian countries gambling is very popular.    Premier League matches are seen as reliable events not susceptible to fixing.