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"If you want some accessible but informative insight into football then I suggest you couldn't do better than the Political Economy of Football website, which is not only intelligible but comes with the added bonus of being written by Addicks fan Wyn Grant."
Ben Hayes - Charlton Athletic programme

Football Governance


Commons committee dresses down FA

The follow up report of the House of Commons cross-party committee on Culture, Media and Sport on football governance  has attracted considerable attention on social media and elsewhere throughout the day.   There has been a variety of reactions, some seeing it as a feeble report and an admission of ineffectiveness, others as giving new momentum to the reform debate.

Understanding financial fair play

This is by no means easy as the rules are complex, perhaps deliberately so in order to give Uefa plenty of wriggle room.  As we have said many times, a lot depends on how the rules are enforced and whether they are challenged in the courts.

Sports lawyer Daniel Geey has produced his 'ten top tips' for understanding the rules.   So if you want to know what an acceptable deviation is, and how it is calcjulated, here is your chance.

Could Rangers join Conference?

Blue Square Conference clubs are discussing whether to invite Rangers to join their league.   Rangers are unhappy about a planned restructuring of the Scottish leagues that would see them languishing in the bottom division even if they won the third division this year.

Malaga to fight financial fair play sanctons

Malaga has announced that it plans to appeal to the Court for the Arbitration of Sport (CAS) in Lausanne over sanctions imposed by Uefa under its financial fair play scheme.  

The sanctions do not affect its current Champions League campaign, where it is the Round of 16, but would see it banned for at least one season the next time it qualified.   They are currently fourth in La Liga and have a good chance of qualifying next season.

Taxing problem for financial fair play

Gabriele Marcoti makes an interesting point in an article in The Times yesterday about how different tax regimes across Europe undermine the fairness of Uefa's financial fair play (FFP) ruiles.

His thoughts on the subject were stimulated by France's 75 per cent tax on higher earners, struck down by the Constitutional Court but likely to come back once the law has been re-written to deal with the court's objections.

Hearts hit by new sanctions

Hearts have been hit by new sanctions after they failed to pay bonuses and appearance money to players and coaching staff and also failed to tell the Scottish Premier League (SPL) 'in a timely manner' about their latest financial shortcomings.   They have been handed a further registration embargo by the SPL.

What would a salary cap mean for clubs?

Premier League clubs are considering a salary cap and sports lawyer Daniel Geey offers a detailed appraisal of the proposals on his blog, including the implications for individual clubs.

Geey notes that one of the main drivers for this proposal is the desire on the part of clubs not to see increased television revenues go straight into the pockets of players.  Arsene Wenger has recently noted that high wages are now more of a problem than transfer fees.

Rangers and Scottish football attendances

How has the demotion of Rangers affected football attendances in Scotland?   This is the question football economics guru Stefan Szymanski poses in his excellent blog.

A seismic change in football?

You need to read this blog post for yourself.   It's a witty and erudite piece of football writing.  A core argument is that the rise of the social media has transformed football and in particular who controls the narrative about the game: no longer the blazer-clad football elite, but the fans themselves.  Not that the writer has a naive belief that everything about the social media represents a change for the better.

Financial fair play isn't so fair

We have long taken the view that financial fair play is not so fair as it looks.  It offers a means for the current elite clubs to shore up their dominance.  We have also expressed doubts about how effectively it can be enforced.