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Football Governance


Premier League chairman tells Government to keep their nose out

In an extraordinary outburst Premier League chairman Sir Dave Richards has claimed that football has run itself 'perfectly well for more than 100 years' and that the Government should 'keep their nose out ' of its affairs'

Government issues ultimatum to FA

The Government has finally lost patience with the slowness of the Football Association in putting its house in order.  It has told football's governing body to sort itself out by the end of February or face legislation.   Successive governments have always been reluctantly to directly intervene in the governance of football and would prefer an effective system of self-regulation.

Failed World Cup bid cost more than thought

The Football Association's failed bid to stage the World Cup cost £6m more than has been previously thought.   The total cost was £21m, or £10.5m per vote, although the net cost was £14m.   £2.5m came from the public purse in terms of contributions from local authorities who hoped to stage matches in their cities.  Another £4.5m came from sponsors. 

More pressure on Coventry City owners

Pressure is increasing on Coventry City's owners, Sisu, to reveal who the investors in the club are.  Damian Collins, a Conservative MP who sits on the Culture Sport and Media Committee in the Commons has written to sports minister Hugh Robertson about the ownership question.

B-team idea gains some traction

The idea put forward by Chelsea manager André Villas-Boas that top clubs should be allowed to play 'B' teams in the Championship is gaining some traction.  It was discussed, not unfavourably, on Radio 5 this morning.

Democratization at Hadjuk Split

This article is contributed by Tarik Ajanović:

One of the biggest Croatian clubs, HNK Hajduk Split, has celebrated its centennial this year with a goalless friendly against FC Barcelona. Although the squads on the pitch belonged to different classes in European football, the same cannot be said for the fans of the home team who are considered to be one of the best firms around and are not behind their opponents on the terraces at Camp Nou. However, it seems that the club organization could be similar between the two clubs as well very soon.

Commons report on football published

The report of the House of Commons select committee on Media, Culture and Sport on football has been published.   The report has been welcomed by fans' organisation Supporters Direct and says the things one would expect it to say about transparency and good governance of the game.

Breakaway league back on agenda

After a decade when it has not been a serious agenda item the idea of a breakaway European Super League is back on the agenda of football.   This time it is not a group of media interests but Europe's top clubs that are considering the idea.

Premiership to face new pressure on governance

The Premier League seems likely to face renewed pressure on governance issues from the Government once a report from the House of Commons Select Committee on Culture, Media and Sport is published.   This could happen as early as Friday.

Phoenix clubs face tougher climate

Phoenix clubs which have been re-formed after clubs have run into financial trouble have been an increasingly prominent feature of non-league football.   Recent examples include Nuneaton Town (replacing Nuneaton Borough), Farnborough Town (replacing Farnborough) and AFC Telford (replacing Telford).