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Football Governance


Blow in battle against match fixing

The fight against match fixing in European football has suffered a further blow with the resignation of Uefa's anti-corruption supremo only a year after he was appointed.   Pierre Cornu will leave his post after the Euro 2012 tournament finishes.   His departure follows the resignation earlier this year of the head of security for Fifa.

Merv the Swerve backs Uefa

Uefa has found an unlikely backer for its financial fair play regulations in the form of Bank of England Governor Sir Mervyn King.   Aston Villa supporter King said on Radio 4 that Uefa's financial fair play regulations would limit the role money has in deciding performance on the pitch.

Payday lending and football

From time to time we are pleased to welcome guest writers.  We do not necessarily agree (or disagree) with what they say, but think they have an interesting point to make.   This contribution is by Laura Susstance:

The German model: the Bundesliga

The debate about the respective merits of the Premier League and the Bundesliga is more than one about football.   It is also part of a large clash between rival models of capitalism: the free market or 'Anglo-Saxon' model and the coordinated capitalism or 'Rhineland' model.   Britain is seen as a classic case of the former model, Germany as an exemplar of the latter.

Points deductions

Rangers and Portsmouth will be the 25th and 26th clubs to have entered administration since the points deduction penalty was introduced, Portsmouth for the second time.   There were fewer points deductions in 2011 than in any since 2007, the peak number being in 2009.

Here is a complete list, 10 points being deducted unless otherwise stated:

England and Wales

2004: Wrexham

2005: Cambridge United

2006: Rotherham United, Crawley Town (6 points)

Uefa warning after top clubs losses soar

Losses at Europe's top clubs have worsened by 36 per cent, leading Uefa to issue a 'last wake up call' to their owners if they are to comply with the new financial fair play rules.   If they were to be applied now, more than a dozen clubs could be in breach of them.

B team scheme gets a pasting

The suggestion put forward by André Villas-Boas that top clubs should be allowed to field reserve teams in the Football League has got a pasting from all quarters.   Hardly anyone had a good word to say for it on 606 on Saturday evening.   But some of the arguments against it seem spurious and the suggestion deserves a bit more consideration.

Top clubs could pull out of Champions League

Top European clubs could ultimately decide to leave Uefa and the Champions League and form their own breakway competition as a solution to the constraints imposed by the Financial Fair Play regulations.   There is a growing fear, exemplified by the move of Nicholas Anelka, possibly to be followed by Didier Drogba, that financial power in football may start to shift from Europe to Asia.

Football and Scottish national identity

In his inaugural lecture at the University of Chemnitz, Klaus Stolz tackled the question of ‘Football and National Identity in Scotland’.     Stolz argues, ‘Unlike other so-called stateless nations, such as Catalonia or Quebec, Scotland is in possession of one of the most potent symbols of nationhood in modern times: its own national football team.  By providing an ideal opportunity for the expression of Scottish identity, football serves as a constant popular reminder of its national identity to the rest of the nation.’

Adidas to wait and see on Suarez

Liverpool striker Luis Suárez who has been found guilty by the FA of racially abusing Patrick Evra has a lucrative boot deal with adidas.   Adidas have said that they will wait the outcome of any appeal before making an assessment of the case and for the time being will not make any statement which is undoubtedly sensible given the controversy it has generated.