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Football Governance


Cellino would be banned under new government rules

Exasperation with the ineffectiveness of the Football League's test for directors of football clubs is one factor has led Business Secretary Vince Cable to formulate new rules to ban 'dodgy directors'.   Those who have committed purely commercial offences would be banned under the new rules.

City to be found guilty under FFP rules

Manchester City are to be found guilty under financial fair play rules this week and face either a heavy fine or a transfer embargo.   Much depends on how sponsorship of the club by Etihad is treated and whether it is regarded as a related party transaction.

Chelsea face probe into relationship with Dutch club

The Dutch Football Federation is to investigate Chelsea's links with Vitesse Arnhem.  This follows a claim by their former owner that executives at Stamford Bridge had told the Dutch club not to qualify for the Champions League.

Big blow for Barcelona

Fifa has slapped a 14-month transfer ban on Barcelona for breaking rules relating to the transfer of under-18 players that are designed to protect them from exploitation.   The Catalan club has also been fined, along with the Spanish football federation.

The club's squeaky clean image had already been damaged earlier in the year by allegations of tax evasion surrounding the transfer of Neymar.   The then president resigned, but his successor may now face demands for new presidential elections.

Leeds need investment now says Cellino

Massimo Cellino is to appeal against the Football League's decision to bar him from taking over Leeds United, insisting that he is not a crook.   However, he says that Leeds need investment now. 

He has already loaned ¬£6m to the club who are believed to face a cash flow crisis.   Players' wages are due this week and owners GFH Capital have not put any money into the club since before Christmas.

Better football governance

There have been a number of calls recently for greater transparency and accountability in the governance of football and this report reviews the issues and makes some sensible suggestions.

Not surprisingly, the Football Association comes in for some criticism.   It is suggested that it has failed to discharge its responsibilities as a regulator by delegating too much authority to the leaves.

Football 100 years ago: Thursday football under way

This is the first of an occasional series of articles in which we look at what was happening in football one hundred years ago in the run up to the outbreak of the Great War.

In the early months of 1914, most people fortunately had no idea of what lay ahead later in the year. Their focus was rather more on how they could make the best use of their valuable spare time. The retail sector was a large employer in a town like Leamington, a medium-sized town in Warwickshire in the heart of England.

Football League gives amber light to Leeds takeover

A statement issued by the Football League after its meeting yesterday reads: 'At its meeting today, the Board of the Football League gave detailed consideration to the proposed takeover of Leeds United by Eleonora Sports Limited.'

Uncertainty over Liverpool and FFP rules

There is some uncertainty about whether or not Liverpool will satisfy Uefa's financial fair play (FFP) rules after the publication of broadly encouraging financial results earlier this week which the club claims will usher in a new era of financial stability.

Of course, there is uncertainty about how the rules will apply to any club, given that the devil is in the detail. The decisions will be as much political as legal ones and it is likely that Uefa, with a French president, will want to make an example of at least one Premier League club.

Loan model threatened by Football League plans

Charlton owner and Belgian entrepreneur Roland Duch√Ętelet has set up a network of European clubs which he hopes will exchange players as part of a player development plan that keeps agents out of the picture.   It's an interesting experiment which reflects the dynamic of Europeanisation in the game as we discussed in our 2011 book The Transformation of European Football: the Europeanisation of the National Game.