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Football Finance


Where should FFP fine money go?

It has been argued that as many as half of the clubs in the Championship could fall foul of the new financial fair play regulations, although figure is on the high side given the legitimate deductions that can be made from losses such as for youth development.

Clubs like Charlton are lobbying for a share of any fines imposed.   Their chief executive Katrien Meire estimates that they could receive £2m from a share of any fine on QPR.

QPR fine threat

QPR face future exclusion from the Football League if they do not pay a financial fair play fine which could be as much as £40m.   They would then have to play in the Football Conference.

QPR chairman Tony Fernandes has vowed to fight any fine, which does seem disproportionate.  He may have grounds for doing so as there are question marks about the compatbility of the rules with competition law.

Do agents meet a need?

Intermediaries are never popular in any market.   They increase transaction costs for buyers and sellers. Estate agents always come near the bottom of any popularity poll for occupations, although their position in the market is being eroded by new technology.

New mood of optimism at Barrow AFC

There is a new mood of optimism at Barrow AFC, the successors to an historic Football League side.  The club is currently top of the Vanarama Conference North and its takeover has been successfully completed with the grant of approval by the Football Association.

Football economy in China

A couple of weeks ago I was in Beijing. Although growth may have slowed somewhat, and there are some problems in the financial system, not least in terms of local government debt, it remains a vibrant and dynamic economy. Indeed, if you take away the language and the cuisine, Beijing could be a large American city.

We therefore welcome this contributed article by Thibaud Andre.

More financial problems at Rangers

Rangers are facing more financial turbulence after former director Imran Ahman succeeded in a court bid to freeze £620,000 of their assets over a bonus dispute.   Rangers have appealed the court's decision on the grounds that there has been an 'error of law' and are expecting a hearing tomorrow.

Owls sale is off

The proposed £45 millon sale of Sheffield Wednesday to Azerbaijani businessman Hafiz Mammadov has collapsed.   Milan Mandaric, who has been the owner of the Owls for three-and-a-half years, will now have to find a new buyer.

The players have been sporting the 'Azerbaijan Land of Fire' logo on their shirts.  Due diligence had been completed.   Mr Mandaric has now threatened legal action against Mammadov.

Are Hull City now bigger than Juventus?

Hull is a city I enjoy visiting, but it hardly matches Turin.  Juventus have won the Italian title thirty times and have been European champions twice.   Not so long ago Hull were languishing in the fourth division.  Yet in the summer transfer window Hull, determined to stay in the Premier League, spent more than Juventus.

The question of club ownership

This is a very interesting and reflective article on the subject of club ownership.   It states its case well and does not go over the top in its arguments as so many commentators do.   Whilst being critical of bad owners, it is not another diatribe against foreign owners.

Arsene gets his man

Chelsea and Manchester City got their transfers sorted out well before deadline day while Manchester United continued to splash the cash but were also able to offload players to offset their expenditure.  In terms of gross expenditure, it is their biggest transfer window spend ever.

As always, Arsenal were cautious.   At Sunday's draw against Leicester, Arsenal fans had chanted 'Buy an [expletive deleted] striker.'    Well, Arsene Wenger managed to secure Danny Welbeck's services against competition from Tottenham Hotspur.