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"If you want some accessible but informative insight into football then I suggest you couldn't do better than the Political Economy of Football website, which is not only intelligible but comes with the added bonus of being written by Addicks fan Wyn Grant."
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Football Finance


Ken Bates back in Leeds mix

Ken Bates is back in the mix at Leeds United as if the situation wasn't confused enough.  Apparently, the cuddly 'Mr Football' has an office above the Subway branch near Elland Road and was prepared to put £1.5m into the Sport Capital Consortium.

Can anyone make money in the Championship?

It's a good question to ask and this blog post provides an interesting overview, whilst acknowledging that some of the data sources we have in terms of filed financial accounts are incomplete or difficult to interpret because of complex structures.

Leeds need investment now says Cellino

Massimo Cellino is to appeal against the Football League's decision to bar him from taking over Leeds United, insisting that he is not a crook.   However, he says that Leeds need investment now. 

He has already loaned £6m to the club who are believed to face a cash flow crisis.   Players' wages are due this week and owners GFH Capital have not put any money into the club since before Christmas.

Debt picture improves in Scotland

Scottish football has been through a very challenging time financially with leading clubs such as Rangers and Hearts facing major challenges.   Smaller clubs have also found it difficult to make ends meet given low attendances, a lack of sponsorship, limited television revenue and the cost of travelling to many away games.

However, this interesing article suggests that the picture is improving, although many challenges remain. 

Should Chelsea be seized as part of Russia sanctions?

I wouldn't take this idea seriously if it hadn't been mentioned in an august journal like The Economist, and even that newspaper suggested that it might have been put forward by Arsenal fans - and that was before the 6-0 drubbing that spoilt Arsene Wenger's 1,000th match!

Leeds press for takeover decision

Leeds United are pushing for a decision in the next 24 hours on whether Massimo Cellino's takeover of the club will be approved.   They wrote  to the Football League's in-house lawyer, Nick Craig, on Thursday morning.

The rich get richer in European football

Critics of the Premier League get a boost when clubs from the English top flight fail to progress.  With the success of Manchester United yesteday evening, two of the eight clubs in the quarter finals are English.  David Conn must have been choking over his cornflakes.

Leeds takeover in jeopardy

The takeover of Leeds United by Massimo Cellino is now in jeopardy after an Italian court found him guilty of tax evasion.   It will now be very difficult for the Football League to approve the takeover.  Cellino is going to appeal against the decision.

Sunderland finances better than they look

A £23m loss at Sunderland in the year to 31 July is better than it looks.  It doesn't include transfer dealings after then, nor does it take account of the new television deal that kicked in this season.   Last year expenditure was reduced by £9m to £95m, largely through reducing wage costs.

Hereford United on the brink

Hereford United are on the brink of administration after they were served a £36,500 winding up order by HM Revenue and Customs.  Hereford's MP has asked for a degree of forbearance, but football clubs can't be exempted from meeting their tax obligations.