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Football Finance


Chinese owners for Villa?

Aston Villa are reported to be in talks with a Chinese consortium about a takeover.  The Rui Kang group is said to be involved and Chinese sources are claiming that a preliminary non-binding agreement is already in place.

Rui Kang is a pharmaceutical company with foreign investment and a strong presence in Hong Kong. However, other reports refer to venture capitalists.

A sale price of £100m is being quoted.

The future for Leicester

Leicester City are already 24th in the rich list of world football clubs and should be in the top fifteen next year.   For example, if they achieve a top four finish and reach the knockout stages of the Champions League, their income could top £260m.

The global profile of the club is also improving.   From being one of the least watched clubs on television, they are only just behind the likes of Manchester United.

Leicester fight financial fair play fine

Leicester City are fighting against the imposition of a fine of around £10m for breaches of financial fair play (FFP) regulations.

The situation is complicated but they are facing action based on reported losses of £20.8m for the 2013-14 season, plus further £11m from a controversial sponsorship deal.   It has echoes of FFP sanctions imposed on Paris Saint-Germain by Uefa two years ago.

Bournemouth make big losses - and get fined

Bournemouth made a £38.3m loss in the Championship last season.  The loss was mainly due to players' wages.   The salary bill of £30.4m was more than double the club's turnover.  

Wages went up by more than 76 per cent in one year, including performance bonuses for winning promotion.   The ratio of salaries to turnover was 237 per cent.   I cannot recall such a high ratio among top flight clubs.

Big financial rewards for Foxes come next year

Leicester City will earn £93m from the distribution of Premier League television money this season if they win the title.  This is £21m more than last year, but the big financial rewards will come next season.

How not to run a football club

Another look at the problems of Aston Villa.   This posting focuses on a dysfnctional mix of centralised control, hierarchical management and poor communications.  This slowed down decision-making when decisions needed to be taken quickly.

Apologies for our absence for a while.   The site was spammed by some dodgy IPs and the hosting company had to take it down to rectify matters.

How much of a success is Major League Soccer?

How much of a success is Major League Soccer?   The crowds continue to grow, but the league continues to lose money.  Incidentally, the statistics on attendances given here are presumably to some extent affected by stadium size.

Relegation challenge for Dundee United

As relegation beckons for Dundee United, this report looks at the financial challenges faced by the club. The club's external debt is now down to £1.25m.   However, that is secured against the stadium.  Although fans have expressed fears about going into administration, this seems unlikely, as the club's home would be at risk.

Spurs wage structure under threat

The chances of Tottenhham Hotspur winning the Premier League title are slim after their draw against West Bromwich Albion last night.  However, they have every chance of making the group stages of the Champions League.

One of Daniel Levy's smartest moves in his 15 years as Tottenham chairman has been to keep wages relatively low.  No one at Spurs earns £300,000 a week, with the best paid players - Hugo Lloris, ErikLamlea and Mousa Dembele - in the £70,000-£80,000 a week bracket.

Big losses at Brentford

Brentford made losses of £16.7m in 2014-15, an increase of 91 per cent on the previous year, reports Beesotted Brentford.   Turnover at £9.9m was up 124 per cent.   Wages at £17.7m were over 175 per cent of turnover, the highest figure I have seen for a long time.   However, apparently there was a substantial element of bonuses for finishing 5th.