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"If you want some accessible but informative insight into football then I suggest you couldn't do better than the Political Economy of Football website, which is not only intelligible but comes with the added bonus of being written by Addicks fan Wyn Grant."
Ben Hayes - Charlton Athletic programme


What do fans think about the Olympic Stadium?

Earlier this week a group of Olympian athletes, including Kelly Holmes, issued an open letter making the case for the running track to be retained at the Olympic Stadium after 2012.   This was indeed the original plan for a legacy stadium, but football would generate bigger revenues and athletics tracks and football do not always necessarily go well together.  

Hull City takeover completed

The completion of the takeover of Hull City by the Allams has been greeted with relief by Tigers fans.  The club has been through a difficult and uncertain period and the delay was beginning to worry fans.  However, the finances of football clubs are rarely straightforward, lengthening the process of due diligence.

Vale fans unhappy with board

Although Port Vale are currently 2nd in League 2, fans are unhappy with the board's reluctance to accept new investment.    They feel that the club has the potential to return to what is now the Championship, but they are concerned that the board's stance may turn Port Vale into Port Fail.   About 100 supporters protested at the annual general meeting this week.

Jags need more through the gate

Partick Thistle need to raise £100,000 by the end of the season to avoid administration.  It's not a lot of money and levels of debt are relatively low, but cash flow is the problem.  Attendances have been dwindling as they have been elsewhere in Scotland and more fans are needed through the gate.

Why should anyone ever buy a football club?

This is clearly a question that has been bothering the Financial Times as they started a three part series on the topic in their Business News section today.   Much of the article covers relatively familiar ground, although the summary table of who owns what in the Barclays Premier League is very useful.

Greg Clarke, chairman of the Football League makes an interesting point when he compares owners in the 1980s before the Premier League with those today.  There was just as much competition, ambition and desire for success then as there is now. 

It all kicks off at Kiddy

Administration is a real threat at Conference outfit at Kidderminster Harriers, but meanwhile a power struggle for control has broken out between former members of the board and those currently in charge.   The club could also face a points penalty if they are found to have broken Conference rules on financial reporting at a hearing next week.

Stags crisis deepens

Having played a FA Trophy match against also homeless Worksop at Ilkeston Town's out-of-use New Manor Ground, the crisis at Mansfield Town has deepened.  The Blue Square Bet Premiership has told them that they cannot play league matches there or at Alfreton Town's ground.   They could face a fine and a points deduction

Chelsea postpone break even target

Chelsea were hoping to break even by 2010, but they have had to postpone their target for another year.   The need to balance the books becomes more urgent, however, as the Uefa financial fair play rules loom on the horizon.

They are expected to announce a seventh successive year of losses, but are hopeful of breaking even in a year's time.   Losses are expected to be bigger than the £44.4m reported in the preceding year, in part because of an early exit from the Champions League last season.

What do new Blackburn owners want?

The sacking of Sam Allardyce has caused widespread shock, both in Blackburn where it has been criticised in an editorial by the local evening paper, and in football more generally.    Allardyce's personal style may not be everyone's cup of tea, but he should be judged primarily by results.   He led them clear of relegation in the 2008-9 season before guiding them to an impressive tenth place last season.

Scottish football due for shake up

The second stage of the McLeish revew of Scottish football will be published tomorrow.   Although it is separate from the proposals of the Scottish Premier League's Working Group to be discussed next Monday, the former first minister's report will inevitably overlap with their recommendations to some extent.   The world of Scottish football is not that large, even if it spawns three distinct governing bodies, and he has spoken to th