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Rooney tops shirt league

Wayne Rooney has topped the Premiership's replica shirts league published in the Premier League Season Review.  Figures are based on the number of official club shirts sold domestically and internationally.   In the case of someone like Rooney, the figure would run into millions.

It is the first time that Rooney has topped the league and the first time a United player has taken the top slot since the Cristiano Ronaldo in 2007-8.   Another United player, Ryan Giggs, enters the top ten for the first time at the age of 37.

Premiership to face new pressure on governance

The Premier League seems likely to face renewed pressure on governance issues from the Government once a report from the House of Commons Select Committee on Culture, Media and Sport is published.   This could happen as early as Friday.

Top thirty football clubs in Europe ranked by attendances

A list of the top thirty football clubs in Europe as ranked by average home attendances - domestic league matches only. Barcelona topped the rankings for the first time, demoting the usual leader Borussia Dortmund to second by a hundred or so extra spectators.

Brazilian footballers head back home

The possible return of Manchester City's Carlos Tevez to Corinthians in Sao Paulo, although influenced by a wish to be closer to his children in Argentina, is symptomatic of a wider trend driven by the strength of the Brazilian real.

Phoenix clubs face tougher climate

Phoenix clubs which have been re-formed after clubs have run into financial trouble have been an increasingly prominent feature of non-league football.   Recent examples include Nuneaton Town (replacing Nuneaton Borough), Farnborough Town (replacing Farnborough) and AFC Telford (replacing Telford).

Supporters' bid at Wrexham hits snags

Wrexham fans have been second to none in their long drawn out battle to save their club and put it on a sound footing.   Today some of them are climbing Snowdon in a bid to raise another £20,000 and, assuming that the weather is as unseasonable as it is in the Midlands (rain and strong winds) that will be no stroll up the mountainside.

City's training facilities plan

Manchester City FC are expected to reveal their plans for a state-of-the-art training facility which forms part of their deal with the Abu Dhabi airline Etihad tomorrow.   City sent a team of specialists around the world for 18 months for a feasibility study from a variety of sports before drawing up their plans.  It is anticipated that the plans will in part be influenced by Nike's world headquarters.

Supporters Direct gets its money

Supporters Direct has had its grant of £268,292 from the Football Stadia Improvement Fund restored.  The grant was frozen in May after the chief executive of Supporters Direct, Dave Boyle, made disparaging remarks on Twitter about the MK Dons.  Boyle is a keen AFC Wimbledon fan.  He subsequently resigned.   The Stadia Improvement Fund receives £6m of funding from the Premier League.

What it costs to run a non-league club

Even at the third tier of the non-league, football clubs cost quite a lot of money to run.  The annual accounts of the club in which I am involved were recently published for the year to 30 June 2010.  One fact that immediately stands out is that even at this level player renumeration accounted for 65 per cent of turnover.

Manchester United top world rich list

As Manchester United began their American tour creating excitement in Rhode Island of all places, Forbes magazine announced that they hads topped their list of the world's richest sports clubs.   The 'capitalist tool' journal value the football club at an arguably conservative £1.16bn.   They were estimated to have 333 million followers worldwide, although those in Asia far outnumber those in the US.