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Rooney could join City for £4.5m

Sir Alex Ferguson was clearly shocked when he announced this afternoon that Wayne Rooney wanted to leave Manchester United.  But there could be a bigger shock to come.  Not only could he cross Manchester to Eastlands, but he could do so for a transfer fee as small as £4.5m.

Takeover talks at Hull City resume

Takeover talks at Hull City have resumed.   They involve father-and-son Assem and Ehab Allam.  Egyptian born, they have lived in the area for 42 years and have a diesel generating manufacturung business.  They are motivated by wanting to give something back to the city in which they prospered.  They are hoping for an early conclusion to the negotiations.

Air of crisis at 'Boro

In 1984 Middlesbrough was in the hands of the administrator and the future of the club looked bleak.  Thanks to Steve Gibson, a generous benefactor, the club's fortunes were revived.  Middlesbrough continues to be an economically challenged area and the promised re-development around the Riverside has never taken place.  But until recently the club was doing well on the pitch.

Barca in financial trouble

Despite increasing revenues, Barcelona faces increasing financial problems.  Revenue has been growing, from €297.3m in the 2006-7 season to €415.4m in 2009-10.   However, expenditure grew even faster from €283.6m in 2006-7, which allowed for a small profit, to €486.9m in 2009-10.   All this adds up to a loss of close to €80, in the 2009-10 season.   Net debt has jumped from €291.7m in 2004 to €430.7m at present, in other words more than annual tu

Hibs stay in the black - just

Scottish football has been afflicted by financial problems since the collapse of the Setanta deal.  Hibernian are one of the more successful clubs, but their financial position has deteriorated over the years and they have only just managed to stay in the black.

Dundee's chances of survival 50-50

Dundee's chances of survival are put by its adminstrator at 50-50.   Bryan Jackson has been involved with football club administrations at Clydebank and Motherwell and says he would not have taken the job if he did not think there was a chance of success.  But even with cuts in the squad and staff, he only has enough cash flow to keep going to Christmas.

New dawn at Liverpool

With the completion of the takeover of Liverpool by New England Sports Ventures (NESV), it's the dawn of a new era at Liverpool after a very difficult three years for the club and the fans.

Hicks and Gillett back down

Tom  Hicks and George Gillett have backed down over the sale of Liverpool and withdrawn their restraining order in a Dallas court.   This will permit the sale of the club to New England Sports Ventures to go ahead.

They are, however, going to pursue a claim for $1 billion in damages.   It is not clear how this figure is arrived at given that their personal losses amount to £140m.

But it does look as if the long nightmare for Liverpool fans is over.

Roma sale still unresolved

In July the Sensi family's majority stake in AS Roma was transferred to the UniCredit bank as part of a debt settlement package.  However, the club has not yet been sold.