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Taxman gets tough

It has been evident for some time that the tax authorities have been getting tough with football clubs who use their tax payments or as an interest free loan.   In the case of Rangers £21.5m is owed even before the conclusion of a tribunal into the 'big tax case' which could triple that sum.

Doubts about United valuation

Morgan Stanley will not participate in a Manchester United IPO in the US because the Glazers are seeking a valuation that the bank does not think is realistic.   The Glazers have £2bn in mind, but a group of wealthy fans who tried to buy the club for £1bn in 2010 argued that it was worth far less.

BT's football gamble

The share prices of BT and BSkyB dropped sharply as investors digested just how much they had to pay after a bidding war for Premiership television rights.    Citigroup commented, 'Even before the latest round of [price increases], we estimated that [the] rights as a standalone are barely break-even.'

New stadium less likely at Liverpool

A new stadium for Liverpool at Stanley Park looks less likely after John W. Henry knocked on the head the idea that it would transform the club's finances.   A new stadium would increase match day revenues from £40m to £60m-£70m but that was before you factored in the costs of servicing the debt. 

Football bosses jailed in Chinese match fixing case

China has put two dozen former football officials, players, coaches and referees behind bars in an attempt to clean up the game which has been rife with corruption.  Two former national soccer chiefs and the disgraced national football team captain each got ten and half a years to enjoy the amenities of the country's prisons.

United may float in New York

Manchester United are considering shifting their initial public offering from Singapore to New York. Apparently underwriters have warned the Glazers that it would not be wise to proceed with an Asian listing given market volatility.

A US listing would give the Glazers more operational involvement, but a shift from Singapore would deprive them of the opportunity to fully exploit the brand in the rapidly growing Asian football market.

Big new Premiership television deal

Every so often predictions are made that the Premier League 'bubble' has burst, especially since the onset of the recession.   The financial success of the Premiership is very much driven by its television deals and the latest one for the seasons from 2013-14 to 2015-16 exceeds all expectations.   It even astounded Premier League chief executive Richard Scudamore.

Auditors unhappy with Blues accounts

The auditors (BDO) that signed off the latest annual accounts of Birmingham City have questioned whether the club gave them all the required details.   The accountancy group said it was 'sceptical as to whether we have received all the relevant information' from the directors of Birmingham City PLC.

Takeover imminent at Forest

A takeover at Nottingham Forest is imminent with more than one party interested.   However, no one at the clubs know who the prospective owners are or where they come from with the deal being handled by merchant bank Seymour Pierce.   With the club wishing to rekindle its promotion ambitions, it is hoped that they will be in place by the beginning of the season.

The club has been for sale since October 2011 when Nigel Doughty resigned as chairman but his premature death in February has made the sale more complicated.

Rangers face liquidation

Rangers now face liquidation, after it became known that Revenue and Customs intend to vote against a proposed company voluntary arrangement at a meeting scheduled for Thursday.