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Ben Hayes - Charlton Athletic programme


Be careful of football credit cards

This article warns that  branded football credit linked to a particular club may not be all that they are cracked up to be.   The amount that they give to the club is generally miniscule and the fan can probably getter a better deal for themselves elsewhere.

There are some exceptions in terms of cards that offer interest free deals on season tickets or other discounts or preferential offers.

Court decision challenges TV rights

The Premier League's television rights are its most valuable asset and it will take any steps it can to defend them.   However, it may have gone too far in using an agent who was not a regulated solicitor in dozens of cases.  

Such individuals should not carry out certain functions and a court has ruled that in receiving payment from the Premier League to represent them in a private prosecution Media Protection Services was acting as a solicitor when it was not recognised as such.

United shares fall after Van Persie deal

Following the £24m deal to sign Robin Van Persie from Arsenal, Manchester United's shares fell to their lowest level since listing in New York a week ago.   Shares traded below their $14 offer price yesterday, falling 2 per cent to $13.77 by the close in New York.

Werner sets out challenges for Liverpool

Liverpool chairman Tom Werner has been conducting a series of radio and press interviews setting out the challenges facing the club.   On one level, it could be seen as an exercise in reducing the expectations of fans.

Re-sell your season ticket

Season ticket holders do not necessarily turn up at games for a variety of reasons: family or work commitments or lack of interest in a particular match.  Over a season they may miss enough games for it have been cheaper to buy tickets for individual games.  But for many the main attraction is an assured seat in familiar surroundings and company.

Pompey on brink again as Chainrai pulls out

Portsmouth FC face liquidation once again after Balram Chainrai's Portpin vehicle withdrew its bid for the club. Portpin blamed the administrators for spending £12m of parachute payments on their fees and payments to players.  They also complained about negative criticism and lack of support from the fans of the club.

Why was the Chevrolet United deal so big?

Simon Hines, the editor of Sponsorship Today, assesses the recent sponsorship deal between Chevrolet and Manchester United:

So why has the new deal broken previous records by such a high margin?  The first point to look at is the starting date. By the time the sponsorship starts in earnest in 2014, it will have been four years since the Aon deal was signed, so it is not an overnight doubling. Rights values for major properties are now growing at a rate well ahead of inflation.

Can clubs diversify?

One response to having problems in your core business is to diversify into some more promising line of activity.  For example, a farmer may decide he can make more from his farm by turning it into a golf course rather than using the land for animal husbandry or crops.

A sea change in the transfer window?

The usual blanket media coverage of football has been pushed aside in the last few weeks by the Olympics.  For those so inclined this has given them a chance to drive home their message about the greed and venality of footballers.

Even so, the transfer window has been relatively quiet.   With two weeks left, Barclays Premier League clubs have spent only £240m on new players, a considerable decrease on last summer''s £485m outlay. 

Portsmouth crisis continues

The crisis at Portsmouth Football Club is a bit like the crisis in the eurozone.  It never goes away, it flares up regularly and it never gets resolved.  In one case, the future of a currency is at stake: in the other, the future of an historic football club with a dedicated following.