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Ben Hayes - Charlton Athletic programme


Argyle get more time - and they need it

Plymouth Argyle has been given 63 days by the High Court to sort out its fnances.   This will not be easy given that its total debt is estimated at £7m - £9m.   As far as the money it owes the tax authorities is concerned, it was able to pay off £48,000 which is really a drop in Plymouth Sound.   What the club really needs is new investors, but the question is how attractive a prospect is it with other clubs available in

The perils of leaving Fifa

Many in Australia think that the English press has over reacted to the country's failure to win the World Cup.   In Australia the need is now to concentrate on boosting the A-League which has faced many fiinancial challenges in recent months.

Australia was expelled from Fifa in the early 1960s for signing £10 poms (and immigrants from other countries) who had played in the UK and elsewhere and not paying any transfer fees.   They soon found that they lost out through not being a member.

Swiss swoop on corruption in sport

Various allegations have been made about corruption in Fifa, although none of them have been substantiated in a court of law.  One of the difficulties in investigating whether these allegations have any substance is that Fifa is not really accountable to anyone.

Scottish football boss calls for summer season

Following a similar call from Forfar Athletic, the boss of Arbroath has called for the Scottish football season to be extended into the summer months after the effects of the recent severe weather, the worst snowfall in Scotland for 40 years.  

Commons inquiry into football is important

The House of Commons committee that covers sport is launching an important inquiry into football.  This is a cross-party committee chaired by an opposition MP, but it has the power to summon witnesses and call for papers.   It needs to be distinguished from the All-Party Parliamentary Group on football which is a more informal body which although influential, lacks those powers.

Danes swoop for non-league club

Foreign takeovers have moved into the world of non-league football.   Danish company Fodboldsekskabet have looked at many clubs and were pipped to the post at Chester by a fans' revival.   But now they have got their heart's desire by becoming joint owners at Ryman Premier outfit Croydon Athletic. 

Royalists face axe

It now looks increasingly likely that Windsor & Eton will be wound up in the High Court on Wednesday.  They will follow the likes of Ilkeston, Chester and King's Lynn who have all closed in the last year, while Welling United is in danger.  

Stags at bay

It is unclear where Mansfield Town will play at the weekend after they were locked out of their own ground.   Alfreton's Impact Arena, Eastwood Town and Notts County have all been considered.   However, it looks increasingly likely that the Stags will use Ilkeston Town's ground.   It is not in use following the club's dissolution earlier this year and it has a capacity of just over 3,000, although one stand is locked out

Footballer's financial demands criticised in programme

It's an interesting new development in the world of football finance when a chairman criticises a player in his programme notes for his financial demands.   But then the chairman concerned is Ken Bates and the player does not appear to be too popular at the moment with the fans.

The dream ends in tears

It's strange how the prospect of owning a football club can affect someone.  The old joke says that if you want a small fortune, start with a big one and 'invest' in a football club.   But it is even possible for you to lose your fortune altogether.