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No spending spree at Liverpool

There will be no spending spree at Liverpool in the January transfer window.   The new owners are said to be concerned at the amount of money spent on transfer fees and wages at the club in recent years, £230m on fees alone, though much of that was recouped in sales.

Blackburn Rovers takeover nears completion

Blackburn Rovers are set to be the first Premier League club to be owned by an Indian firm as the bid by chicken industry and pharmaceuticals giant VH Group nears completion.  The Rovers chairman John Williams told the club's website, 'Both parties are hopeful that the transaction will be completed in November.'  The process of due diligence has begun.

Either or choice for the A-league?

The A-League cannot afford to back both the Fury in North Queensland and the new Western Sydney franchise and it is increasingly been suggested it will come down to an 'either or' choice.   Western Sydney is a highly populated area, but the city is lukewarm about its existing franchise, Sydney FC.

Owls takeover still on course

Following anxieties expressed over the weekend, Sheffield Wednesday chairman Howard Wilkinson has moved to reassure Owls fans that the £15m takeover of the club is still on course.   Former Wednesday manager Chris Turner is representing Kevin Mundie, the managing director of Dubai-based company Certified Oilfield Rentals.    The company rents out oilfield equipment.  Wilkinson is 'cautiously optimistic' that a takeover will occur, but talks with other potential investors are also continuing.

Portsmouth sold

Portsmouth have exited admninistration and been sold to Balram Chainrai, Levi Kushnir and Deepak Chainrai.   The Football League has lifted the transfer embargo imposed on Pompey, but all deals will require the League's approval, while the club must also submit monthly financial reports for monitoring.

Chelsea favour wage cap

Chelsea and Roman Abramovich have cautiously endorsed the idea of a wage cap in football.  A salary cap would limit each player's total spending on player wages to a centrally agreed maximum sum.    Chelsea would expect a salary cap to cover at least Europe, although they would prefer a global arrangement.

It could be argued that Abramovich contributed to the original escalation in players' wages, but he has reduced his spending in recent years.  They reduced their wage bill last summer by releasing or selling five senior internationals.

Royalists in danger

Windsor and Eton face going out of business unless they can find £10,000 to pay to the tax authorities by November 10.  The Royalists were promoted to the Zamaretto Premiership last season.

Portsmouth safe

It looks as if Portsmouth is set to come out of administration soon.  An agreement has been reached with former owner Sacha Gaydamak to pay off the £2.2m he is owed in instalments over five years.   Former Hull chairman Paul Duffen, a somewhat controversial figure, claims to have put together a consortium to buy the club.

Sponsorship boost for Chelsea

Chelsea has agreed a lucrative long-term sponsorship deal with adidas which means that the sportswear brand continues in its role as kit supplier.   At over £20m the deal brings them closer to the £23m that Manchester United secured last year from Nike and moves them way ahead of Arsenal.   However, they are still some way behind the £26.6m earned by Barcelona.

Draws are back in fashion

Bookmakers William Hill have reported a more than 20 per cent rise in third quarter revenues and all because drawn football matches are back in fashion.   This time last year there was such an absence of drawn matches in the Barclays Premier League that boomakers were facing double digit declines in net revenues.   The problem was made worse by winning streaks among the most heavily backed Premier League clubs.