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Ben Hayes - Charlton Athletic programme


Swiss league changes may have wider significance

Changes in the structure of the Swiss leagues may have a broader significance for European football in the sense that they may be a harbinger of similar changes elsewhere.   In summary there will be no more playoffs between 1st and 2nd divisions; only 1 team relegated/promoted; reduction from 16 to 10 teams in Div 2 and the creation of a promotional division 3 to promote U21 teams.

Three buyers interested in Owls

As Sheffield Wednesday's court deadline approaches on Wednesday, three potential bidders are expressing some interest in the club.   The position has been complicated by the revelation that, as well as the £600,000 Wednesday owe in PAYE, the tax authorities issued a second winding-up order in October over VAT arrears of £300,000.  The Co-operative Bank, the main creditor, consider they should been told about this earlier than they were.

Portsmouth on the market again

Two weeks after helping save the club from extinction, Balram Chainrai admits that Portsmouth's future is still unsure and has put Pompey back on the market.   He claims that he does not have the funds needed to take the club forward.    He commented, 'We're stable, but I'm not the right man for this club long-term, the right owner's out there and we'll find them.'

Former Chester owner bids for Wrexham

Controversial former Chester City owner Stephen Vaughan is part of a consortium bidding to buy Conference side Wrexham.   Nearly a year ago Vaughan became the first owner of a professional club to fail the fit and proper person test at Chester.   He was disqualified from acting as a director of any company until November 2020 following his involvement in a £500,000 VAT fraud.

Was Wilkins sacking mainly about money?

Was the shock sacking of Ray Wilkins as No.2 at Chelsea, which reportedly has not gone down well with some of the club's players, mainly about money?   Chelsea has been seeking to balance its books ahead of the imposition of the Uefa financial fair play regulations, but has fallen short of its targets.

Bolton may have to sell top players

Increasing financial pressures at Bolton Wanderers may lead them to sell top players in the January transfer window,   Bolton's losses have more than doubled to £35.4m, their debt has increased from £64m to £93m, and the club's wage bill rose by 14 per cent to £46.4m for the year ending 30 June. Bolton spent £15m on new recruits, with no players leaving, during that year, hence the sharp increase in the wage bill.

What future for Fulham?

Football economist Stefan Szymanski has written an interesting article posing the question, what future for Fulham?   Mohamed Fayed has now been in charge for a decade and has pumped £200m into the club.  But what will happen when he is no longer with us?

United lose money in Ireland

Manchester United is one of the best supported clubs in Ireland, but it has lost a lot of money on a superstore it opened in Dublin.  The total deficit in shareholders' funds is €5.4m and €4.4m is owned to other companies that form part of the club.

Hull takeover is finalised

The takeover of Hull City by father-and-son duo Assem and Ehab Allam has been finalised with the legal process of transfer expected to be completed by the end of the month.   They are understood to be providing £10-£12m to meet due repayments.   Russell Bartlett will remain a minority owner with a 20 per cent stake.

Bates is happy with Leeds finances

Leeds United supremo Ken Bates is happy with the state of the club's finances.    Leeds went through a very difficult period financially after their attempts to secure European success produced an unsustainable wage bill.

However, they made a profit last year, they have a little bit of money in the bank, they are paying their bills on time and have no debts.

It is interesting that Leeds fans who have already commented on the Sky Sports article seem less enamoured of their chairman.