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Ben Hayes - Charlton Athletic programme


Spurs welcome Olympic Stadium decision

Tottenham Hostpur have welcomed the Olympic Park Legacy Company (OLPC) decision not to proceed with the current bid process for a legacy tenant in a brief statement.

'We welcome the OPLC decision to end the current Olympic Stadium bid process, said the Spurs statement.   'We firmly believe that the bid we put forward was, in fact, a realistic sporting solution for the stadium, along with a substantial return to the taxpayer, community programming and athletics provision.'

Wembley Stadium loses money

Wembley Stadium continues to be a drain on the Football Association's revenues rather than a money spinner according to its latest accounts.   Despite attracting two million visitors to 28 events last year, the stadium made a pre-tax loss of £12.1m.   Although this was a reduction from £15.6m, the recession hit Club Wembley revenues, which fell from £65m to £60m.   Club Wembley represented a fifth of total turnover of £304m.

West Ham Olympic Stadium deal off

The deal for West Ham to move into the Olympic Stadium has collapsed - and Spurs won't be moving in either.   The ongoing legal dispute with Spurs, but also that with Leyton Orient, has effectively torpedoed the deal in its current form for both clubs after concerns over the delays it was causing. 

Failed World Cup bid cost more than thought

The Football Association's failed bid to stage the World Cup cost £6m more than has been previously thought.   The total cost was £21m, or £10.5m per vote, although the net cost was £14m.   £2.5m came from the public purse in terms of contributions from local authorities who hoped to stage matches in their cities.  Another £4.5m came from sponsors. 

Counting your chickens before they are hatched

It's almost a year since Indian poultry firm Venky's took over Blackburn Rovers.   Arguably it's been one of the less successful recent takeovers in English football, certainly in the Premiership.

There was a lot of talk about Champions League qualification at the time of the takeover.  Instead what one has seen is a club that was comfortably mid-table being dragged into a relegation battle.  The experienced Sam Allardyce was replaced by the untried Steve Kean and it is evident that quite a lot of Blackburn supporters think that was a mistake.

Stags may opt for new stadium

Mansfield Town FC are considering moving to a new stadium in the latest stage in their battle with previous owner and landlord Keith Haslam.    Five sites are under consideration.   Chairman John Radford unveiled the 'Plan B' in his programme notes for yesterday's game against Grimsby.

Fulham to stay at The Cottage

Chelsea and QPR may be thinking of moving, but Fulham FC have announced that they are going to stay at their historic home at Craven Cottage and expand the capacity to 30,000.

Arsenal do not need Champions League

Arsenal chief executive Ivan Gazidis has insisted that the club's financial model does not depend on being in the Champions League.    The club made £26m from reaching the Round of 16 last year and has been in the competition for 14 consecutive seasons, but a poor start this season makes qualification next year less certain.

What would worst recession for 70 years mean for football?

Bank of England Governor Mervyn King has said that we may be facing the worst recession for 70 years, potentially even worse than the Great Depression of the 1930s.   Economics commentator David Smith has already tweeted that this explains why Mervyn King does not give interviews very often.

Raith Rovers face financial challenges

Raith Rovers are the latest Scottish club to admit that they are facing tough financial times.  A loss of £80k was incurred in the year to June 2011 and a similar loss is projected for this season.   These may not seem large figures given the losses run up by some English clubs, but they have to be placed in the context of turnover.