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Another slap for Rangers

Following the sanctions imposed on Rangers by the Scottish Football Association (SFA), 'Gers manager Ally McCoist suggested in some desperation that they might as well start all over again in the third division (fourth tier) of the league.

Reading takeover near completion

Sir John  Madejski hopes that the £25m takeover of Reading will be completed this week.   The deal which will give Anton Zingarevich a 51 per cent stake in the club was supposed to have been finished by the end of March.

Fair play tax introduced in Championship

Clubs in the Championship have voted (with three clubs voting against) to introduce a fair play tax from next season.   Any club that is promoted to the Premiership will have to pay the tax based on a percentage of the sum by which they have exceeded a losses threshhold.    There will also be a transfer embargo from 2014/15.

Losses of Championship clubs are limited to £10m from next season.   Within this loss, shareholder equity investment cannot exceed £6m.   The permitted loss is then reduced each season to £5m in 2015/16.

Chelsea will earn £45m in Champions League TV cash

Chelsea can expect to earn a total of £45m in television cash from Uefa for their Champions League campaign this year.   This will increase by £2.8m if they win the trophy.  Clubs can usually double that income from ticket sales, sponsorship and merchandise.   The income is particularly important for Chelsea given their need to comply with financial fair play rules.

The cost of not getting promoted

Wrexham, who are in the play off places in the Conference, calculate that failure to get promoted will cost them heavily.   This year's losses are forecast at £157,000 which is a great improvement on the £700,000 talked of earlier in the year and shows that the Supporters' Trust have made substantial progress towards balancing the books.

Fears for Sky Blues

Former Coventry City vice-chairman Gary Hoffman has not dropped his plans to organise a takeover of the club, but he fears for the club's survival after their relegation to League 1.

Al Jazeera not to bid for Premiership rights

Al Jazeera has decided not to bid for the Premier League television rights when the next auction starts in August for a three year period.  Al Jazeera had been seriously considering such a move as part of its plans to build a global sports brand.

The form of the packages to be offered has not yet been decided, but the Premier League had been hoping that Al Jazeera, backed by Qatar's gas and oil wealth, would go head-to-head with Sky.  It now looks as if only BSkyB and ESPN will be involved in the main packages.

SFA slam transfer embargo and big fine on Rangers

The Scottish Football Association (SFA) have fined Rangers £160,000 and imposed a transfer embargo on them for the next twelve months which means they can only sign players under the age of 18.   This comes at a time when the administrators have still not been able to name a preferred bidder and American truck tycoon Bill Miller has made it clear that his offer is reliant on no nasty surprises.

Reading takeover doubts

A story in the latest edition of Private Eye raises a series of questions about the takeover of the club.   Anton Zingarevich is to acquire control for £25m by a Gibraltar company, Thames Sports Investment. This is represented by offshore company manager Christopher Samuelson, who with Zingarevich failed in a 2004 bid to take over Everton.

Council sponsorship row

A great fuss has been made about a local authority sponsorship of Tranmere Rovers which requires them to wear 'Wirral' on their shirts.   In fact the sponsorship dates back to 1989 and enables the club to undertake various activities in the community.   Nevertheless, various rent a quotes have been wheeled out to portray this as a great injustice to taxpayers.