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Ben Hayes - Charlton Athletic programme

Which player offers most value for money?


One can spend millions on a player who then doesn't live up to his potential, doesn't fit in with the rest of the squad, causes trouble in the dressing room, gets injured and eventually has to be sold at a loss.

Alternatively, one could spend relatively little on a player who fits into the team well, keeps himself fit and shows more talent than was anticipated.

This site attempts to calculate which players offer most value for money.  Top of the list of forty is Burnley keeper Tom Heaton (currently injured) at under £10k 'per action'.  He made 141 saves last season at a cost of £9,220 per save.  Fellow Burnley team member Matthew Lowton made over 100 tackles,with every action costing Burnley only £10,297 per action, placing him in second place.

As far as strikers are concerned, Bournemouth’s Josh King cost the club £65,000 per goal, impressive when compared to Zlatan Ibrahimovic who cost over £670,000 per goal.

While British players may often fetch disproportionate fees in terms of transfers, in the 2016/17 season they proved their worth. Nine players in the top 20 for tackles, the two highest-ranked for saves, and 60 per cent of the 20 best cost-per-goal and cost-per-assist chart were in fact British.