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Ben Hayes - Charlton Athletic programme

What will be the economic impact of Huddersfield's promotion?


What impact will the promotion of Huddersfield Town AFC to the Premier League have on the local economy? Supposedly Swansea City's promotion gave a boost of £58m to the local economy in the first season alone. I am sceptical about that figure and think that there were other factors at work in the case of Swansea, a view I expressed when I was interviewed for this blog post by Matthew Engel of The Guardian.

For now Huddersfield can proclaim themselves as 'The Yorkshire Club'. However, the failure of Leeds United to win an overdue promotion to the Premier League has not undermined the status of Leeds as the regional capital (it is 17 miles from Huddersfield).

Interestingly, the blog makes no mention of Harold Wilson who has a statue in the town and declared himself to be a Huddersfield supporter. After their success in the 1920s in winning three successive championships, by the 1960s they were the sort of team you could support without offending anyone.

The manager who won two of their 1920s chanmpionships, Herbert Chapman, a  moderniser in his day, then departed for Arsenal, suggesting that money talked in football even then.