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Ben Hayes - Charlton Athletic programme

What it costs to run a non-league club


Even at the third tier of the non-league, football clubs cost quite a lot of money to run.  The annual accounts of the club in which I am involved were recently published for the year to 30 June 2010.  One fact that immediately stands out is that even at this level player renumeration accounted for 65 per cent of turnover.

On turnover of £177,000, there was an operating loss of just over £45,000 which was largely made up by loans from directors and share purchases.   Match receipts accounted for 40 per cent of turnover, followed by bar takings at 23 per cent and donations which accounted for 21 per cent.

What was striking was the value of a cup run at this level, only £150 in prize money being received in the accounting year in contrast with £8,400 the previous year.

Full set?

Any chance we could see the ful set of results ???  P+L,  Balance sheet etc.


Really interesting stuff Wyn. Would love to read more about the business end behind the club.

A bit more

One thing I did not mention was the sponsorship arrangements.   Sponsorship income was depressed in that year because of the effects of the recession and the lead sponsor provided some of their money through purchasing shares.   The club does now have a commercial director.   I am just about to write out a cheque for a player sponsorship (£70).   Match sponsorship costs £100.