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UK fans spend most on merchandise


Fans in the UK spend the most on official football fan merchandise (€58) of the ten countries investigated in the latest Sport + Markt report on football merchandising.    Yet of the top ten clubs in Europe ranked on merchandising revenue only two Premier League clubs made the the top ten with Liverpool in third and Manchester United sixth.   Lyons and Fenerbahce outrank Arsenal and Juventus.

Real Madrid and Barcelona took the two top spots.  When it comes to shifting product, La Liga's revenues are 13 per cent higher than those of the Premiership, although Real and Barcelona account for 80 per cent of the Spanish league's merchandising turnover.   Although Manchester United hope to become the first Premier League club to break the £100m (€117m) barrier in commercial income, Bayern Munich made €172m in commercial revenue last year.

Total merchandising revenue in the ten countries was €727.   It accounts for 7.3 per cent of the total revenue for top flight clubs.   Over 13.6m club shirts were purchased by fans and 83 per cent of these were made by either Adidas or Nike.