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Uefa tone down financial fair play threats


It looks as if Uefa is backing down from a confrontation with leading clubs over its financial fair play rules. Michel Platini has announced that no club will be banned from the Champions League or Europa Leage next season.   Of course, they could still receive transfer bans and big fines.

Interestingly, but not suprisingly, Platini was ambiguous in his remarks about Paris Saint Germain and their sponsorship deals.   That is also relevant to the situation of Manchester City, one of the main clubs under threat.

Clubs will be able to appeal against any sanctions imposed to the Court for the Arbitration of Sport in Lausanne.  But if Uefa fails to deliver the level playing field that has long been promised, as seems increasingly likely, clubs like Arsenal and Liverpool who feel they have been disadvantaged by their big spending rivals could also mount appeals.   It looks like we are in for an interesting few months.