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Top 10 Football Matches by Number of Viewers - UK - 2004


Figures are for average number of viewers during course of match but does not include those watching in pubs and clubs.

Portugal versus England drew the highest audience in 2004, at over 20 million viewers. The most watched club football match was Chelsea v Arsenal in the Champions League Quarter Final which had an estimated 7.7 million viewers.

Stats Table: 
RankMatchNo. Viewers (mn)
1Portugal v England - Euro 200420.7
2Croatia v England - Euro 200418.1
3France v England - Euro 200417.8
4England v Switzerland - Euro 200414.3
5Portugal v Greece - Euro 200410.9
6Portugal v Spain - Euro 20048.7
7Spain v England - Friendly8.7
8Germany v Czech Republic - Euro 20048.3
9Czech Republic v Greece - Euro 20048.2
10Portugal v Holland - Euro 20048.0