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Too few teams in the Premier League?


It's been argued from time to time that the Premier League has too many teams, given that the top clubs have heavy schedules in the Champions League or Europa League.   However, football economics guru Stefan Szymanski uses economic logic to argue that the Premier League has too few clubs in it.

He recognises that his scheme of a 30-team regionalised league would never work and a co-author of his points out is that one reason is that it would hit television ratings.   However, one of the interesting insights in his article is that attendances in the bottom half of the Premier League are lower than those in the top half of the Championship.

Based on an arthimetical error.

The whole argument is based on an arithmetical error. Sysmanski forgot that while Premier League teams play 19 home games Championship teams play 23, and then failed to notice that his average attedance for the top ten clubs in the Championship was higher than the average for the best supported club in the division!

In the comments he claims not to have heard of Phil Gartside's two-tier Premier League proposal.

Taken together these things are beyond belief for an academic football "expert", and given his own claims about how long has been studying the subject, and the existence of the internet, being American is hardly an adequate excuse.