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Stags find a benefactor


The financial crisis at Mansfield Town is over with the Stags finding a wealthy benefactor.  Multi-millionaire and local businessman John Radford has bought the Conference club for £1 from previous owners Andy Saunders, Steve Hymas and Steve Middleton.  They stay on at the club as non-executive directors.

The new owner has already injected £250,000 into the club to make sure that Mansfield do not go into administration in the next few weeks.   In the longer term, he wants to emulate John Ryan at Doncaster by taking Mansfield into the Championship.  He argues that Doncaster were in a far worse condition than Mansfield when they were in the Conference.

Radford noted that there were some issues with the ground and the way in which the lease had been set up which needed to be resolved, but a spending spree is on the cards in the Christmas transfer window.