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Ben Hayes - Charlton Athletic programme

Spurs offer value for money


The Times has constructed a value for money table for each team in the Premier League.  It compares each club's annual wage blll with the number of points they have won.   Tottenham Hotspur come out best with £1.30m paid per point.  Manchester United come last with £3.57m per point.

Liverpool paid out £2.85m per point, Arsenal £2.83m, Manchester City £2.76m and Chelsea £2.56m.

The big five clubs - City, United, Chelsea, Arsenal and Liverpool - have been prepared to commit salaries of about £200m a year to compete for a top four spot.   The big five each had a wage bill more than double the £104.6m spent by Spurs in the 2015-16 season.

The failure of David Moyes at Sunderland is emphasised by the figures which show that the club's wage bill was similar to that of many upper or mid-table sides including Everton and substantially more than Bournemouth.