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Sky Blues prepared to discuss Ricoh return


Coventry City have said that they are prepared to discuss a return to the Ricoh Arena on an interim basis. However, Arena Coventry Limited (ACL), the operators of the stadium, have said that Sisu, Coventry's owners, must drop their appeal against the recent legal judgment which went against them.

Sisu have also said that they would be prepared to pay a competitive rent for the stadium, but would have to have access to matchday revenues.   This does not strike me as an unreasonable negotiating position. Also, while I can see why ACL would not want to talk while a law suit continues, anyone is permitted to exhaust their legal remedies.

Sisu would have to pay a penalty payment if they left Northampton early, but presumably this would be offset by additional revenues if they were playing in Coventry.

The length and bitterness of this dispute has produced some intransigent positions.   Someone needs to knock heads together and potentially that could be the Football League, but it remains doubtful whether they want to use their clout.

If the Sky Blues did start to play at the Ricoh again, a longer term solution which would be in the interests of all parties, not least the fans, might be possible.

SISU and Money

Correct me if I'm wrong but ACL are owed money which SISU haven't paid up and are arguing over the amount. The deadline set by the Football League to pay this sum has passed.

The Catering etc has been contracted out to a 3rd party. Are SISU prepared to " buy out" the catering contract? Assumption :)

SISU have to pay ACL £590,000 when will this happen. 

Why would any company (ACL) give precendance to a company which are suing them / taking them to court?

If u were being sued by your neighbours would you put them up if they had no place to stay?