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Salisbury City in danger


The co-owner of Salisbury City, Mike Winter, has quit the club and there is now a real danger of the club going into liquidation.   They have until Friday to clear all football debts and pay a £50,000 bond, otherwise they will be expelled from the Football Conference.

While fellow troubled club Hereford United have found a berth in the Southern League, Salisbury have an outstanding debt of £29,000 to Revenue and Customs which is the subject of a winding up petition. If this is not dealt with, the club would then face liquidation.

A statement giving some detailed background has been issued by the club's football advisor, Paul Smith.

This is a classic case of a club in financial difficulty turning to an apparent saviour in its desperation who then turns out not to be all that he appeared to be and fails to live up to his commitments.

Salisbury as a city should be capable of sustaining a Conference club, but fans may ultimately have to form a phoenix club.