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Roma sale still unresolved


In July the Sensi family's majority stake in AS Roma was transferred to the UniCredit bank as part of a debt settlement package.  However, the club has not yet been sold.

Ther is no clear indication as to who might be the new owners. Egyptian telecommunications magnate, Naguib Sawiris, has been the latest businessman to voice an interest. In fact, according to La Romanista, he declared that a deal with UniCredit was agreed but that at the last minute the plug was pulled for reasons that were unclear.  Supposedly one of the richest men in the world, Sawiris, appears extremely keen to buy and certainly has the finances to restructure the club and clear all debts.

Investment bank Rothschild, which has been tasked with finding an owner for Roma has announced that any bid for club needs to come in by a deadline of November 10. However, they have also stated than any important offers that come in after that date will also be considered.  This does not suggest a lot of confidence in the prospect of finding credible buyers.