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Rochdale AFC a model of prudent financing


Rochdale AFC are the last team to have a chance to pull off a giant killing feat in the fourth round of the FA Cup as they face Stoke tonight.    Manager Keith Hill thinks they have not been given enough credit for the prudent way in which they manage their finances.

They have no debt and always keep within their tight budget.    Money is raised by selling on players when they are ready to a perform at a higher level Rochdale cannot compete at and by cup runs.  Relying on cup runs is clearly risky and they would have got a bigger pay day if they had been away to Stoke tonight, but at least they might hope for a replay.

Rochdale are in a particularly tricky situation as they are one of a number of clubs around Manchester that have to compete against the attractions of Manchester City and Manchester United.   However, they have not had as many financial problems as Bury.